Meet Victoria

‘Victoria is a tuning fork tuned to the key of Oneness.”

Hello, my name is Victoria More. I am a mystic and spiritual mentor who has for many years, allowed heart and intuition to lead me on a riotous journey of breakdowns & breakthroughs, curiosity & revelation, joy & sorrow, love & light. This is and has been, a rich and uncommonly fine journey, and it is clear to me now that every single step has been impeccably calibrated and guided to bring me to this moment—to this meeting with you.

I have been graced with beautiful teachers, teachings, guides and mentors who have shared their love, wisdom, tools and technologies for refining and uplifting awareness and expanding consciousness.

Ultimately I realized that what I had learned or been taught, while absolutely critical, was not enough. I found myself asking “but what is it that I know?” As I dug deeply into the depths of my soul, a doorway began opening and a lot of ideas started falling away. I was soon jettisoned beyond anything that can be learned or taught; to true knowing, the unfathomable intelligence, immeasurable love and sacred wisdom that lies within. Of course it had been there all along, simply waiting to be recognized. This is the Truth that resides at the core of each and every one of us—and beckons each of us to re-discover our own God Self—the divinity that is at the core of All That Is. The teachings are essential and wonderful guideposts, but our own soul is the true guide, our inner essence the true wisdom.

Supporting your journey of re-discovery and pointing you in the direction of your own vast and infinite reservoir of inner wisdom is s total delight and my current ‘assignment’.

Perhaps your own journey has begun to show you the importance of really loving and feeling at home and grounded in your body. I know that feeling.  My early career as a ballet dancer gifted me with a vibrant and life-long ‘body-awareness’, a relationship with and attunement to the physical body as an exquisite vehicle and expression of pure consciousness—grace in motion. And my love affair with meditation and ‘all things spiritual’, which began in my early twenties, has continued unabated for all these years.

The two major loves of my life are now meeting head-on as humanity’s next evolutionary step into higher dimensional consciousness is calling forth the capacity to experience life as pure source light, pure awareness—all the way into, throughout and sourced by the innate wisdom of our physical body. Yes, it is time for us to align with our beloved mother Gaia and evolve along with her as an ‘awakened body’.  Using what I’ve discovered about ways to bring full awakening into the physical embodiment has become a serious passion of mine, and one that I am thrilled to share. This is one of the many reasons I feel so excited and inspired by what lies ahead. We are now in a new era of self-discovery that is guided by true self-love and the potential for our collective journey is simply stunning.

What lies ahead promises transformation on a grand scale. I deeply welcome connecting with you throughout these exceptional times and invite you to participate, in whatever ways you are most guided, with the gracious and heart-centered field of collaborative transformation that is the Emanation of Presence community.