Radical Resolutions Retreat

Lake Abiquiu, Pedernal and the Milky Way-X2

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Welcome to our virtual retreat and congratulations!  You’ve chosen to forsake your usual and get radical by chosing to claim your New Year’s resolutions by Being in states of more love, more truth and greater realization. This is BEing the change you wish to see, as actions rather than simply words. This very special retreat is a unique opportunity to access the truth of your soul’s inner wisdom through the stillness of deep meditation amplified and empowered by a field of luminosity and love — a supportive sacred container co-created by all attendees.

Together we’ll participate in a full schedule each day of synchronized meditations, Satsang gatherings, powerful transmissions and deep inner work with Victoria, David and each other. And all of this over the New Year’s weekend — that most powerful transition time of an ending and beginning!

This page is our virtual meet-up space, where you’ll find all of the supporting information you need.

Click here for daily schedules for each time zone.

Click here for all a list of all of the conference calls and details.

Find the musical Playlists here.

Link to our new online forum here. The forum provides a space for questions and answers, discussions about what is covered during the calls and anything else that comes up for review, discussion or sharing during the retreat. We will create a new topic for each call as well as any topics that arise for discussion.

You have all been added to a user group with access to the forum for this reteat, however you will need your Emanation of Presence user ID and password to get in. If you have forgotten your password, the system will help you create a new one … or let me (Victoria) know and I can create one for you. This forum is new to all of us, but we’ll get used to it together, as it’s pretty intuitive and easy to use 🙂

Once you are in the forum, double-click on a topic title to open it up so that you can read the content and ask questions or make comments via the “Reply to” box.

Check back regularly for more inspirational and practical information to your support your journey.