2023 Energy Codes Book Study Home

Every Thursday at 11:00am Pacific Time
February 16th through April 20th

The Energy Codes®, based in Quantum Science, Energy Medicine and the Spirituality principles and practices of embodiment, invites you to discover how to use your body to train your mind to serve the inner essence that is your true nature, and awaken to living as your authentic Soulful Self.

Each session will cover both the principles and practices of that week’s chapter(s) with demonstrations, supporting videos and colorful images to clarify your comprehension of the material. In addition, we’ll have time for Q&A, discussion and guidance in the specifics of the various practices.

Series Schedule & Replays:

02/16/23      Chapters 1 and 2: A new way of Seeing — the Quantum Flip Replay

02/23/23      Chapter 3: The Bioenergy of You

03/02/23      Chapter 4; The Anchoring Code: Getting Back in Your Body & Elevator Shaft Meditation

02/09/23      Chapter 5; The Feeling Code: The Language of the Soul

03/16/23      Chapter 6; The Clearing Code: The Healing Power of the Subconscious
03/19/23                           Yoga poses to support the Energy Codes Bonus Call

03/23/23       Chapter 7; The Heart Code: The Universal Solvent
                                             Generating Loving Presence – Being Loved

03/30/23      Chapter 8; The Breath Code: The Power of Life Itself

04/06/23      Chapter 9; The Chemistry Code: The Alchemy of Embodiment

04/13/23      Chapter 10: The Spirit Code: Where the Many Become One

04/20/23      Chapters 11 & 12: Making the Quantum Flip, One Day at a Time and

04/20/23      Life on the Front Side: Living as the Soulful Self

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Passcode: Quantum