A Deluge of Divine Feminine Frequency

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20 December, 2018

Well, we’re in the window now and what a window it is!!

The magnificent Solstice window cracked opened yesterday early morning my time, late in the evening for many of you with an incredibly powerful galactic line-up of stellar bodies, and OMG! Based upon my experiences during those early hours yesterday and today, the magnitude of tomorrow’s Solstice has not been exaggerated. Please take note: If ascending in vibration, re-calibrating your field into more luminous and refined frequencies and/or awakening into states of higher consciousness is your passion, then this entire week is one to observe with reverence and gusto.

The three days before and three days following a Solstice, in addition to the Solstice itself (12/21 or 12/22 this year depending upon your time zone), comprise a rare window of opportunity throughout the entire seven days. The potency of this year’s Solstice cannot be overstated. We are indeed graced to be alive during the time of a tranformational juggernaut that marks the ‘turning of the age’. And now — this week — this Solstice — appears to be one of its major pivot points. How awesome is that!?

We are being deluged with an infusion of vastly empowered divine feminine energies, meant to accelerate the feminine aspect within every body, men and women alike. It is imperative for the feminine and masculine power to come into parity planet-wide in order for each of us to ascend and ultimately live in harmony as a perfect balance of divine feminine and divine masculine frequencies. This IS our entry-point into heart-centered multi-dimensionality and full embodiment of 5th dimensional reality. How this will come to pass, how it plays out, who will stick around and be part of Gaia’s dimensional upgrade and live this new reality … is anyone’s guess.

I would suggest that the ‘how’ of it is not what is important. Being prepared to meet whatever comes with the courage of an open heart and clarity in our mental, emotional and psychic bodies — is what matters. This determines our personal experience or chosen timeline, of what could potentially be sudden, dramatic and irreversible change. Similar in intensity but vastly different in the tone and outcome from the last time we went through a planetary state change.

Eight years ago Gaia and the Divine Feminine spoke to us through my friend and enlightened teacher, Leslie Temple-Thurston. She (Gaia) basically said that she was ascending into a higher dimension and that we were welcome to come along with her, if we were willing to give up our secular lives in favor of a spiritual orientation. She said much more of course, and if you are interested in a transcript of the channeled message you can read it here. So this ascension of the divine feminine frequencies and Gaia’s expression of that principle, has been in play for awhile. However, it feels like we are now stepping up to a whole new octave. Amazing Grace!

Ultimately this is about humanity’s move into living a new frequency of love made manifest in form. Endless potential for an entirely new, upgraded version of life. What a splendid decision we’ve made to be here and help it along.

With love and joy for the wonder of existence!


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