A Meditation for the 08/21/17 Solar Eclipse

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This was never going to be the time for one of those “kick-back” lives. So despite the possibly many visits made to the overwhelm department, down deep most of us know quite well that this is the ride we came for, and we are ready for the magic!

Challenging? Yes of course. Confusing? Sometimes. Exciting? Most definitely. All this and more … and every bit of it amplified. These are special times indeed, quite magical in fact.

If you could use a little support … here is a special meditation dedicated to slowing down and expanding into the real magic found at the depths of your Being. You can listen online or download here.

The image above is the card that I pulled from the White Lion Leadership deck just before we began — quite apropos. (http://www.whitelions.org/…/sh…/white-lion-leadership-cards/)

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