A Return to Oneness

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I recently watched a wonderful interview with two of my dear friends, Anna Breytenbach and Brad Laughlin on Buddha at the Gas Pump, which you also might really enjoy. Among many wonderful nuggets of wisdom, what really grabbed my attention was Anna’s direct experience of all forms of life as being evolutionarily equal. Equally conscious, equally intelligent and equally aware of fulfilling their ‘dharmic’ path, or role for the greater good. Meaning that there is no hierarchy of evolutionary intelligence amongst the myriad species on this planet. An experience based upon her many inter-species conversations over the past 20 years, that flies in the face of nearly all religious and spiritual traditions.

When asked to concede that actually there is a difference in consciousness between a mouse and horse, or a stone and an elephant  — that an insect or stone has a less evolved consciousness — Anna replies “that is not my experience”. She communicates with other species through a technique that involves an open heart connection, while making every effort to disallow her thinking mind to interfere with its own opinions or preference as much as she can. Which in itself sounds pretty amazing, but is a skill that all of us have an inherent capacity for if we wish to activate it. What struck me so powerfully though, was the beautiful presence of authentic love and deep wisdom that she exudes and communicates as a result of her connection with all of the many forms of life she has conversed with over the years. And credits all of the species with whom she communicates, to be among her wisdom teachers.

You can feel the vibration of Oneness in everything she says about the consciousness of all other species. She doesn’t speak directly about Oneness, but that’s what I felt she was speaking to, whether intentional or not. And that authentic Oneness, perceives through an extraordinary level of humility and profound love due to this direct experience of absolute equality in the evolutionary consciousness in all expressions of life. You may read these words and think to yourself, “of course I know that”. But do we really? All the way to the bone? Do we hold in reverence all forms of life, including mosquitos, scorpions, rats or cockroaches? Not just a concept, or belief … but as a lived experience? The potential for doing so feels incredibly exciting to me!

A critical insight that came to me as I watched and listened was how we humans, whether on a journey of awakening or not, may actually be holding an unconscious belief in an evolutionary hierarchy. And any hierarchy is based on a greater/lesser judgment — therefore landing us directly in the realm of duality. A belief that may play out in so many different ways — even if we are on a committed journey of Self-discovery. Not simply the belief that ‘humans are at the top of an evolutionary pyramid’. But perhaps as Anna shares at one point, being vegetarian because we consider animals to be more sentient or sacred than vegetables. A choice to be vegetarian can be for health, ecological sustainability or simple food preference. But if based upon a better/lesser judgment regarding animals versus vegetables, it might be worth taking a look at. Just one example of an interesting trajectory of self-inquiry for opening ourselves up to letting go of judgments, and live more completely into Oneness.

As consciousness ascends in vibration with any practice of spiritual development or self-inquiry, reverence for the sanctity of all life, all of existence, does come into greater clarity. However, if we were to allow ourselves to be guided by what Anna’s experience suggests, we might just move beyond conscious and unconscious judgments and the limitation of duality with greater ease and grace.

I was so inspired by what felt like a beautiful gateway into Oneness that I wanted to share it with you today, when balance, equality and unity are the frequencies that are amplified. Do watch the video if you are a lover of animals and the natural world or want to feel more into this quite doable path for radical Oneness.

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