Imagine Being Whole — As the Unabashed, Unbounded Universal Truth!

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March 2024

I invite you to imagine the direct experience of each breath you take as an opportunity to receive an inflow of myself as Divine Essence. Where each exhale expands through your physical field to infuse and express as a Soul embodied on this gorgeous Gaia. Not just in meditation, but all the time. While doing the dishes, walking the dog, even scrolling or texting. A life where all actions express the wholeness of who you truly are A full-body experience that is so captivating that the mind is willing to give up it’s habitual judging/comparing/criticizing story-writing activities. No longer willing to live the limited reality created by your thinking mind only, but one that is Creation in the divine act of Creating a new ‘reality in every moment.  A life of inspiration, a clarity and  joy. Imagine that.

This is available to all of us when we develop and hone our sensory body,’s capacity to fulfill its true role as the gateway for our Soulful Presence to embody.  Allowing us to live consciously as our divine, universal essence — an expression of a greater love.

Gravitating towards living as this greater love is up for many of us now, and certainly what I’m focused on This is what our species is evolving towards and the ways to support this is what I include in all of my current offerings. Our powerful group meditations have certainly moved more and more in this direction as the Samadhi states have continued to grow deeper and more profound with each event.

When we meditate together with the intention of igniting our frequency into ever greater realms of heart infused awakened embodiment, we contribute massively to the stabilization of humanity’s ascension into its next higher dimension of consciousness. We are unstoppable.

The power and depth of our meditation amplifies each time we meet, so I look forward to sharing this with you whenever you choose to join me in the stillness of deep Samadhi!


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