A Slight Shift in Perception that Opens Multiple Doorways

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During our Satsang with Gaia call on August 3rd, I introduced the power of honoring and actively loving/nurturing our own delicate innocence, our most tender and even vulnerable heart space. I’d like to share a bit more about this as the ‘only port in the storm’ and provide you with a link to a video where a most adorable being, Matt Kahn, brings forth this subtle principle in magnificent detail. Having now worked with this principle for a while, the full teaching is one that I’ve found to be profound—revolutionary even—and which is why I wanted to pass it on.

Now yes, we all know that self-love is required in order to have loving relationships and to ‘awaken’ … We’ve all spent hours or even years meditating on our hearts, opening our heart chakras, sending out love and processing our emotional wounding. We’ve put in our time learning to discern between narcissistic self-love and unconditional cosmic love, in order to cultivate the latter. And these are all very fine—powerful and important touchstones of our journeys back into full conscious ascended BEING (or living as Oneness full-time, 24-7). I am not dismissing any of these tools or practices, as anything other than the powerful paths to ascended consciousness that they are.

However, often in our passionate search for divine union or ‘Oneness’, our energy, passion and love is directed in such a way that our awareness is focused outside in full throttle pursuit of a grand cosmic idea, concept or belief that we have of what ‘Enlightenment’, Self-Realization’ Enwholement’ or ‘Ascension’ might be. And when we do this, we often ignore our innocence within—our beautiful, delicate sensitive heart—inadvertently treating it like the neglected ‘second’ child who must compete with the ‘spiritual journey’ for any attention at all. A child who is asked to give and give, without needing to receive that most precious nectar of divine love, from the only one who’s attention really counts – ourselves. And then, when this innocence does what it has to do (generally by acting out in some form) in order to get our attention—we treat our gorgeous diamond heart like something that is broken and needs to be fixed, cleared, transcended or otherwise made ‘right’.

We tell it to ‘drop the story’, ‘face our karma’, ‘stop indulging’, etc. And sooner or later, this backfires … in oh-so-many ways … most especially as a hunger for spiritual achievement that is never quite fulfilled.  No matter how vast and cosmic our experiences may be—they are always just that—experiences; fleeting, elusive and leaving us only sporadically at peace (usually in this meditation, or at that gathering).

Let’s be real, this is something that we can all relate to—and have all experienced at some point on our journey. There is no judgment involved in recognizing this fact. We just didn’t realize that the doorway to the cosmic vastness of our True Nature—true access to the keys to our soul—is in nurturing that delicate ‘center at the center’ of our heart by treating it like a small child in distress who needs only the soothing balm of our love and attention. And the critical requirement is that we direct Our Love, Our Honoring, Our Attention, Our full Focus right here—for as long as it takes. This is nurturing that only we can give ourselves … this can not come from any other being (cosmic or mortal). This is the essence of all of the spiritual directives that point us inside to find our universal vastness. And this is how our glorious expanded conscious awareness and fully enlivened, joyful and awakened heart will finally merge together in holy union. And this is when true Oneness dawns.

I’d like to end with a response that I received from one of the call participants who really got it!

“I can feel how brutal and even cruel spiritual work (processing, witnessing, being tough, moving on, sitting to meditate with discipline, self-improvement) feels to this part of my heart. It’s like stabbing it with a cold, metallic instrument. I can feel how this part of my heart only craves for love, attention, tenderness, and for a very delicate understanding, attunement and presence to its amazingly pure and innocent vibration. It feels crystal clear that spiritual work as I have understood and practiced it before is over.  I have had this intuition many times before but had not paid close attention to it because of a kind of submissive obedience to spiritual work. My body and heart feel very vibrant right now and I am very grateful to you for helping me become aware of this vibration today. It is a huge shift!!”

If this piques your interest, please take an hour to watch this video presentation—I found it heart-altering, mind-bending and totally uplifting—and hope you will as well:

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