A Spectacular Beginning to a Transformative Year and Decade

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January 11th 2020

Greetings my friends … and whoa there … we are certainly off to a running start!

Though it may take a few more laps around the field of devastating circumstances (as in war, famine, entire continents on fire), I cannot help but believe that this decade will bring forth an about-face to humanity’s current trajectory on many fronts. And that has begun already — right now in January of 2020.

This is what I’ve clearly seen for awhile now, and humanity’s course correction looks to be perfectly on track. In fact, I’d like to offer an entirely new way to look at our current situation.

For all of my life, I’d heard vague predictions about the ‘end times’. An idea / belief / myth that was fueled by the ‘Apocalypse’ as described in the book of Revelations in the New Testament. A meme that creates a vague sense of dread and doom … always up ahead.

I’m not saying that the cycles of death and rebirth, destruction and resurrection is mere mythology. It is clearly the nature of transformation. But, perhaps we might consider that we’ve just come through an end times (or even ‘the’ end times) during this last decade. And that we are now taking our very first breaths on the precipice of the ‘New Times’. What an idea!

We all know from our own experience that change takes place on the inside before it manifests on the outside. And if you drop deeply within, I bet you’ll find a keenly felt sense of optimism bubbling up below the surface, despite the tragic events we see taking place around us.

Our ability to stay centered in our core, grounded into Gaia, and simultaneously connected to the heavens is now all-important. Not only for each of us individually and for those we are close to, but for the entire planet. And we are powerfully supported in this by the invisible realms.

I know that you have heard these or similar words before, but suspect that as the layers of illusion continue to unravel at lightening speed the way they are doing now, you are able to viscerally feel the truth of this with greater clarity. There is so much more at play than what humanity can see from its current vantage point. And our ability to remain as grounded, aligned and awake as possible at all times, plays a much more significant role in all of this than we had ever before imagined.

It’s good to remember that rapid and radical transformation is inspiring, exhilarating and extremely challenging in equal measure. So don’t be surprised at the continued deluge of ‘stuff’ to clear interspersed with a new sense of incredible joy and expansiveness. Know that if we accept the challenges in the spirit of gratitude — as gifts that show us what is ready to be met and resolved — changes happen in miraculous ways.

Speaking of miracles. This is the time for all of us to keep prayers going for Australia’s rains to come and put out the fires, for the ramp-up to war with Iran to be similarly extinguished, and that the millions who are without resources receive compassionate support with food, water and other forms of aid, so that they might not only survive but thrive. Some of us tend to forget how powerful the act of prayer truly is. Powerfully placing our attention on the field of pure intentionality with loving compassion is a definitely on a par with the mystical art of dreaming.

On Dreaming and a New Earth
About 15 years ago, a friend shared with me a book called “Dreaming a New Earth”. Interesting title, though I don’t recall much more about the book than that. What I would say now is that it was 15 years ahead of its time. The author was seeing into the future and because it wasn’t relevant yet, it didn’t quite resonate beyond the realm of abstraction. This decade is energetically ripe for this phenomenon to be realized. It is an alchemy whose time has come. And enough of us now have the skills with which to bring this about. Pretty amazing, right? Think of it as your new assignment from Spirit, should you choose to accept it.

We are ready now to delve deeply into mastering that mystical art we’ve heard so much about — the realm of dreaming — and discover what we need to further refine and clarify within ourselves in order to meet the task of bringing forth a new dream, a new humanity, a new awakened version of our species. What my friend and mentor Leslie Temple-Thurston called “homo-luminous”. This will be a recurring theme for the next year and beyond.

Life has suddenly become a whole lot more interesting don’t you think?  It’s ‘game on’ for all of us mystics! 

As always with a new year, changes are afoot.  This is clearly the year and decade to Make a Difference with everything we think and do, with our intentions, meditations, prayers, and everything else in our lives. An invitation to bring forth our highest frequencies and our most aligned and fully conscious embodiment as a vehicle made of, and through which flows, the light of pure Source, Divinity, our God-Realized Self. To step into the most transformative moments of our lives. It is good to share these times with you!

Written with love and wonder at the miracle of existence,


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