Activate the Circuitry for Coherence 2024

With the Alchemy of Body, Breath & Awareness (Spirit)
Every Two Weeks — January through May 2024

We continue to move forward with this powerful series. The Energy Codes teachings are so cool because as we incorporate them on a daily basis, our consciousness viscerally ascends and our understanding of the principles and practices continues to deepen. Therefore they are always fresh, in addition to being in truth, quite radical. We are becoming experts at activating the circuitry for enlightened embodiment. We move beyond being concerned with how to do the practices, to experiencing them as ‘how we be’ and living into their gifts.

When we lovingly train our wonderful mind to serve our divine Soul instead of trying desperately to run the whole show — existence on planet Earth — the magic happens. Central channel breath and coming back onto Subject, etc. are the automatic dynamic of our day to day. And the way to keep these radical, life-enhancing  yet simple conscious embodiment practices uppermost in awareness is to stay in the conversation.

This is how we activate the circuitry for coherence.

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2024 Call Dates and Replays

January 25th — BEST Release with Two Options

February 8th —  Take it to the Body and Thousand Tiny Straws Breath

February 22nd — Heart Code Practices

March 7th

March 21st

March 28th — The Breath Code for Healing

April 11th An Energy Codes Discussion

April 25th— An Energy Codes Experience

May 9th — Activating Circuitry through Breathwork and Chakra 10

May 23rdUnpacking Heal Yourself Heal Your Life

June 6th   — Bonus Call before South Africa

June 27th — Bonus Call from South Africa

July 4th — Animal Dreamtime Meditation

July 7th — Animal Dreamtime Meditation 2


Energy Codes Circuitry Activation Replays:

August 3rd:                 A New Triage Protocol

August 17th                 Chakra 8; Being Blessed

August 31st                 Chakra 9; When Understanding Becomes Realization

September 21st          Chakra 10: Your Divine Destiny

September 28th         B.E.S.T. Release & the Cycles of Life

October 12th               Activating Circuitry

October 26th               Breathwork for Healing and Brain Yoga!

November 9th            Dr Sue on the Healer Within & Update to Take it to the Body

November 30th          Chakra 11th / Becoming a New Humanity & 12 Chakra System Image

December 14th           Meditation and discussion on Chakra 12 and a Greater Love

December 28th           Wide Ranging Discussion of Energy Codes Principles at this Time

Energy Codes Book Study 2.0 Replays:

May 11:         Session 1  The Five Truths and B.E.S.T Release Recap & Refresh 

May 18:        Session 2  The Invisible Body — the Bioenergy of You and the Chakras

May 25:        Session 3  The Anchoring Code — Getting Back in Your Body

June 01:       Session 4  The Feeling Code — The Language of the Soul

June 08
:       Session 5   The Clearing Code — The Power of the Subconscious

June 15
:       Session 6  The Heart Code —The Universal Solvent

June 22:       Session 7 The Breath Code — The Power of Life Itself

June 29
:       Session 8 The Chemistry Code — The Alchemy of Embodiment

July 06
:        Session 9 The Spirit Code — Where the Many Become One

July 13:        Session 10 The Quantum Leap One Day at a Time & Life on the Front Side

July 16:        Bonus Q&A

Additional Support Materials:

B.E.S.T. Release mPower Step and Morter March pdf

B.E.S.T. Release Videos

The Seven Chakras — Front Side and Back Side Characteristics

Audio Support Recordings to Listen to or Download

Right click here and save link as to download the Generating Loving Presence Audio or Play Below

Right click here and save link as to download a Short 12-Minute Meditation Finding Peace Within or Play Below