Activating the Circuitry for Coherence

With the Alchemy of Body, Breath & Awareness
Wednesdays at 9:30am Pacific Time
June through September

We are moving forward with this series. The Energy Codes teachings are so cool because as we incorporate them more, our consciousness ascends and we understand them from a new perspective. Therefore they are always fresh, in addition to being quite radical. We are becoming experts in how to activate our circuitry for awakened embodiment. We move beyond how to do the practices, and begin to live into their gifts.

When we are able to lovingly encourage the mind to serve the Soul instead of continuing to desperately try to run the whole show — as part of our normal, every day life — the magic happens. Central channel breath and coming back onto Subject, etc. are no longer exercises, but the automatic dynamic of our day to day. And the way to keep these radical, life-enhancing  yet simple embodiment practices uppermost in awareness is to stay in the conversation.

This is how we activate the circuitry for coherence.

Call Dates and Replays:

June 1 (Bonus)   Final Energy Codes Book Study 2.0 Video Replay

June 15:               Beyond Mechanics to be the Essence Video Replay  

June 29 :              The Essence of innocence in the Mix Video Replay

July 13                  Presence as a Scalar Wave Video Replay  / Audio of process only

July 27:                 Cultivating our Imagination Video Replay  / Audio of Imagination process

August 10:            Engaging the Imaginal Cells Video Replay

August 24             Cultivating Timelessness Video Replay / Cultivating Timelessness Audio

September 7        Integration, Integration, Integration Video Replay

September 21      Essential Energy Codes Practices Review Video Replay

                               Breath-work and Short Meditation Audio Replay