Solstice with Anna B — Event Recordings

Solstice Celebration & Meditation with Anna Breytenbach — Replays Available Now!
$108 / $54

It was my honor and delight to host a very special Solstice Celebration and Meditation with beloved friend and world famous interspecies communicator Anna Breytenbach on Sunday, June 20th. While the event is over, you can still enjoy every moment of the absolutely beautiful gathering with the replays.

Wherever you are in the world. North and south, summer and winter, the seasonal peak of solstice was celebrated by the ancient peoples from whom we all descended.

As natural cycles run their course we are inherently attuned to them in body, heart and soul. Only our minds seem to be separate until we turn our conscious attention to the greater vibrational field. In so “doing”, we may experience “being” more in flow and harmony.

Many learnings abound in exploring the depths of darkness and the clarity of light. Drawing from the wisdoms of nature and her creatures, Anna will share some contemplations for each of us to take into our own lives.

Our time together ended with a beautiful guided meditation to embrace and honor all of creation.  

Anna is a rare soul — a being of great compassion, profound empathy and exquisite sensitivity. Amongst many qualities, she embodies unconditional reverence for the natural world and unrivaled devotion to the wellbeing of our wild relations. The degree of humility and selflessness she brings to her mission at this time of great transition is extraordinary.

Please note that this is in part a fundraiser for Anna — a special opportunity to not only benefit from what she has to offer but for each of us to support her and her ongoing work.

Owing to Covid-19 restrictions in South Africa, Anna has again had to cancel all her workshops for over a year. Participating in this event will help support her humble lifestyle and the research and development of new online materials. You will also be contributing to the ongoing pro bono work that she does remotely for wildlife and conservation causes.

We understand that the current world situation has hit the economies of many countries quite hard. In order to make this very special event available to everybody who would like to attend, your seat can be purchased at whichever price works for you.

You can purchase the replays as a Champion of nature for $108 or as Wild at heart for $54 USD.

Join us anytime for a magnificent Solstice gathering


Additional Information about Anna and her Work

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If you are inspired to a greater degree of support, any desired additional donations can be made at Anna’s website .