Breathing Life into a New Reality

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October 2017

Welcome a beautiful new season — be it Autumn or Spring.

Whichever it is for you, October 2017 brings a definite and palpable sense of “newness” in with it. This makes complete sense because in addition to welcoming a new season, we are also now establishing a new reality in consciousness. While of course what cannot be ignored and must be acknowledged here, as it is creating havoc all over the place, is that the old is taking a “very hard fall” indeed.

I’ve had to wait until mid-month to pen this message for several reasons, but this has given me the opportunity to really clock the energetic shifts and to see several things that I’d like to share with you, as they feel quite important.

First of all, as I’m sure you are well aware — everything has gone through a radical shift as a result of all of the profound energetic events we’ve gone through during the past three plus months.

“This is alchemy of the highest order. And our sacred task at this time.”

It has become very clear to me how absolutely critical it is at this time for us to prioritize our capacity to be in resonance as much as we possibly can, with the continuously ascending energies. And that to keep grounding them into our rapidly awakening physical embodiments is the most effective way to fully integrate the upgrades. This is a time when quite literally all hell is breaking loose in our physical world, yet we can and must do everything we know how to do to stay centered in our energetic and spiritual core, and remain aligned with our higher purpose. The more chaotic the perceived “outside”, the more we center within.

The more centered we remain, the more available we are to the upgrades in frequency that are being downloaded into everybody who is open to receiving these frequencies.

For as we do this, we are not only weathering the storm for ourselves, but our intentions as held in this alignment with the cosmic upgrades, are actually what is co-creating the new reality in awareness.

With them we are breathing life into and thus enabling the birth — bringing it forth into form from the unmanifest into the manifest.

Remember, form is formlessness expressed and manifestation emerges from the Causal plane in awareness. This is alchemy of the highest order. And our sacred task at this time. Our commitments to remain established in the center — in the core of our Being — is the key to unlock and reveal the new reality. Quite a mystical task we’ve signed up for! And I suspect that you know very well that this is why you’re here at this time.

“Join your energies with mine to go through the doorway
we are all facing”

The depth of our connection with Gaia and the need to spend time  in nature has hit an all-time high at this point as well. It has never been more important for us to connect deeply with Gaia’s frequencies which simultaneously opens us to the cosmos. The earth is a celestial body, connected to all of the other celestial bodies in the firmament. Connecting with her frequency, which has been quickening for several years now, automatically links us to her galactic family — our galactic neighbors.  Whenever possible, allow yourself to be held within her nurturing presence and consciously align with her frequency upgrades. This connection is more critical than ever, as her ascension will truly carry us along, if we allow it. Know that the abrupt and traumatic events such as floods and fires are a necessary aspect of the shifts she spoke to us about some years ago … an excerpt from that message follows below.

I speak because it is time for you to understand that we have reached a major threshold on this journey towards a new world. The time has come to give up your secular life in favor of being in the mystery of the spiritual journey. Join your energy with mine to go through the doorway we are all facing. I want you to know that I will help you through this doorway if you join with me. In the past I (Earth/Gaia) was holding all, now it’s different. I am asserting my power, and asking you to help me, and in turn, will help you.

It is important that we go through the doorway before it’s too late. The time to try and fix Earth is over. You need to merge with my energy and go with me, through the doorway now. You can assist me … I am going now. Come with me, I will help you get through the doorway”. 
                                                                                                                                              ~  Gaia ~
Channeled on Mother’s Day, 2010.

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