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  • African Dreamtime Transmission

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    Join Victoria for a Satsang and mystical transmission from the very heart of the African Dreamtime in the Blyde River Canyon. Situated at the base of the mystical energetic meridian known as the Nilotic Meridian, the frequencies here are infused by a transmission from this vortex of pure power and the extraordinary primordial energies of the sacred mountain Modimole (translated from the local African language as “God is here”).

    During this call you will explore a magical, mystical energetic presence and receive a powerful sacred transmission, imbued with an exquisitely charged stillness that pulses with the power to manifest universes—the knife-edge of formlessness as it becomes form—enlivening consciousness in ways beyond what we can imagine!

    This call was recorded on April 12, 2015

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    Be Whole Now! Satsang, Meditation and a Group Healing

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    A Three Call Series

    Be Whole Now! is the theme of these three calls — a Satsang, a Meditation and a Group Clearing. Each issues a clarion call to step into the vastness and transcendence of your whole and eternal soul self. Recorded in early 2015,  the guidance and wisdom you will find within them is timeless in nature and resonates even more fully now.

  • Amplified Group Clearing — Releasing Frozen Past Lives

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    Join Victoria for a foray into the wilds of releasing frozen “past lives”, an additional aspect to bring in when merging fragmented aspects of our beloved innocence — our inner child — back into wholeness. Using this method we gain the potential for a deeper level of emotional exploration and recovery. Our first experience with this approach was a roaring success and during this call, we went even deeper.

  • Be Whole Now — Meditation

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    Join Victoria for a discussion and deeply meditative journey into the depths of the subtle energetic anatomy.  Just as Nature’s design is a pure expression of infinite intelligence, so too is our embodied soul. This exquisite awareness is what we find when we allow our innate intelligence to lead us into the heart of our Being — our true divine nature.

  • Be Whole Now! Satsang

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    “5th Dimensional awakening – when what in the past had seemed impossible becomes gloriously possible and actually, ultimately unavoidable!”

    This is the Now moment; the one that invites us to fully own and embody the divine presence that we truly are. Listen to the Satsang for a transmission, an ignition and a deep immersion in the Wholeness that we already are — and express through every breath in every moment.

  • Releasing Frozen Past Lives

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    Join Victoria and friends for an interactive Direct Unified Group Action call which definitely jumped another level to bring in something new as of 2015. We are now ready to incorporate a deeper level of emotional exploration and recovery, by using the process to release frozen “past lives” and in this call, which was our first experience with this approach — it was a roaring success! The process can readily be used to release frozen children and frozen past lives interchangeably, which gives us an even greater edge on rapidly moving awareness into a state of wholeness. Enjoy!

  • What Blossoming Could Mean in 2015

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    This second January 2015 Satsang and Meditation focused on just what ‘blossoming’ could look like for all of us at Emanation of Presence.

  • Transmissions from the Nilotic Meridian

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    This is a very unique series of transmissions from the Nilotic Meridian in Africa.  The Nilotic Meridian is also known as the “River of Gold” or the “River of Stars”. Originating in South Africa, it is a mystical embodiment of ancient African wisdom. The Nilotic Meridan is also held sacred as the axis mundi of the planet – Gaia’s prime meridian. Its power flows upwards from the South to the Giza Plateau in Egypt, where it radiates out to enliven all of the other energetic leylines throughout Gaia.

    These were recorded in 2014 as a series of calls Victoria offered for the AWAKEN Academy .