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  • The Care and Feeding of the Emotional Body — Audio Recording

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    Join Victoria for a Satsang and Meditative Inquiry to further explore the gifts of 2019 — the glorious frequencies of reboot and renewal. Today we’ll consider how these frequencies invite us to address the well-being of our exquisite Emotional Bodies.

    As empaths and sensitives, a healed and clarified emotional body is now more important than ever for allowing these frequencies of grace, flow and mystical precision, to upend the old so that we can really begin actualizing authentic Oneness and claim our innate multi-dimensional relationship with existence. This is the perfect time to investigate how this dimension of our marvelous subtle physical nature — the emotional body — functions. To discover what does (and more importantly what does not) support it. Clearly something that behooves us all  to consider at this time of powerful transformation.

    Recorded on March 10th, 2019

  • Exploring the Frequencies of Reboot and Renewal — Audio Recording

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    Join me on for a Satsang and Meditation to explore and rejoice in the gifts of 2019 — the glorious frequencies of reboot and renewal. 2019 marks the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. The predominant frequency this year is one of reboot and renewal, a welcome new energy with which we can begin to actualize the states of Oneness and multi-dimensionality.

    This is the moment to invite these frequencies with their grace, flow and mystical precision to upend the old, and allow us to begin actualizing authentic Oneness and our innate multi-dimensional relationship with existence.

    Recorded on 17 February 2019

  • The Compassion Factor (Audio Replay)

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    Powerful Key for Opening the Heart

    At some point on this mysterious and wonderful journey of Self-Discovery, we come to comprehend that truly, “it all comes down to love“. Love is not only the essence of the terrain we encounter when we enter the realms of the heart, but it is the most powerful force in this universe. The glue that holds together the fabric of creation.

    Opening the heart is the only way to embody this powerful frequency and move into the states of Self-Realization and Oneness. Authentic compassion is the key for entering these higher planes of existence.

    I am very excited to offer the recording of this Satsang and Meditation, for you to consider how to access and what it truly means, to walk the path of higher destiny that awaits when we claim the key of compassion.

    This call was recorded on March 11, 2018

  • Spirit of the Great Heart Satsang — Audio Recording

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    Join me for a Satsang and Meditation  to honor the Spirit of the Great Heart that beats in each of us. This is an opportunity to come together and spend an hour or so “underneath the African Sky“, allowing the energetic frequencies of a country that inspired this brilliant song of universal love to open your heart and soul as they do mine.

    We all have places that bring out the best in us, and in our personal journey to find that spirit of the great heart, we will always be lead to them. This country is that to me, and it is my delight to share some of its magnificent riches with you.

    I’m searching for the spirit of the Great Heart
    To hold and stand me by
    I’m searching for the spirit of the Great Heart
    Under African sky … (See full lyrics below)

    ~  From Spirit of the Great Heart by Johnny Clegg and Suvaka

    Satsang recorded on May 7th, 2017

  • Conscious Embodiment / Cellular Illumination Audio — an Introduction to the Series

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    Are you ready for more vitality, energy and inspiration in your life? Do you feel its high time to upgrade your Joy Factor? Or are you inspired to really go for it and claim your birthright as a fully Conscious Embodiment of Soul Realization?

    If one or all of these queries resonate with you, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this recording from a Satsang / Meditation / and Transmission that took place on Saturday, September 17th, to reveal and ignite your body’s innate capacity for cellular awakening and an exponential expansion of cosmic awareness.

    Victoria offers a transmission of highly attuned and refined subtle-body awareness that has the capacity to unlock your body’s latent ability to re-calibrate into higher dimensional frequencies, and is available during both meditation and dialogue.

    This call is a preview of what to expect from the new series, Cellular Illumination — a Journey of Conscious Embodiment.

  • Satsang from the Blyde Vortex

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    Transmission and Transformation from the Blyde River Canyon

    Join Victoria for a satsang and transmission from the powerful vortex at the base of the Nilotic Meridian. This ancient, vast and magnificent canyon is a powerful vortex where the energetic currents pulse with nature’s primordial life-force and sacred cosmic wisdom, to create a phenomenal field for authentic transformation.

    What is an energetic vortex? How does it affect us? How does this support your transformation? When we come together in this field, we can directly experience the answers to these questions and more, as we make ourselves available to an energetic transmission of luminous wisdom and pure empowerment.

    This call was recorded on June 4, 2016.