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  • 12/31 — New Year’s Eve Day Meditation Replays

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    With Gratitude for ’21 and a Welcome for ’22

    Please enjoy the replays of this spectacular meditation where we gratefully honored all that 2021 gifted us and welcomed with joy and celebration what 2022 is to bring. Even if you weren’t able to attend live, the recordings capture all of the luminous presence and grace of this powerful global gathering and very special transmission.

    Watch or download the Video Replay here

    Listen to or download the Audio Replays here
    (Please note that there is one recording of the entire call and one of just the meditation.)

    This meditation and transmission is FREE, and Donations are gratefully accepted.


  • Celebrating the Arc of Grace, a Season of Blessings; 3 call Series

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    Sunday, November 14, December 12, January 16  9:00am US Pacific
    To Claim, Embody and Live Your Multi-Dimensionality
    Next session is Sunday, 1/16/22

    A spectacular energetic window began to open at the September Equinox and it’s frequencies have gracefully continued to unfold. The veils between the dimensions are more transparent at this time, right up through the New Year and beyond, and the cosmic openings this year are exponentially more available. They are quickening our innate multi-dimensional nature to reveal more viscerally in our lives than ever before. Ir is a cosmic invitation for each of us to claim, embody and live as our true muli-dimensional and inter-dimensional Soul Selves.

    This series of 3 initiatory calls will enable you to claim, embody and live this Truth. I look forward to luminous transmissions of wonder coming through each of us as the Quantum Universe in form, gifting the world an energetic springboard into new realities and wide-open hearts. You can still sign up and join us for the final call live!

  • December 2019 Solstice Celebration & Meditation Audio

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    Please join Victoria and friends for a very special call to honor the powerful Solstice frequencies and embrace their transformative gifts. During a worldwide group meditation we immerse in a tangible field of oneness, deeply held by a transmission of Solstice magic to align and connect with the power and beauty of this most profound mystical window.

    This meditation is an opportunity to step back from both the distractions of a world seemingly in chaos and the bustle of the (mostly) joyous holiday season, to deepen into the stillness, truth and wisdom of your own inner reaches. The grace of each Solstice alignment is an invitation to embody more completely into the very essence of your soul. And each year the grace amplifies as consciousness continues to ascend.

    Please note that this meditation can bring you back into that frequency at any point in time!

    Recorded on December 21st 2019

    This recording is FREE or By Donation!
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  • Exploring the Frequencies of Reboot and Renewal — Audio Recording

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    Join me on for a Satsang and Meditation to explore and rejoice in the gifts of 2019 — the glorious frequencies of reboot and renewal. 2019 marks the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. The predominant frequency this year is one of reboot and renewal, a welcome new energy with which we can begin to actualize the states of Oneness and multi-dimensionality.

    This is the moment to invite these frequencies with their grace, flow and mystical precision to upend the old, and allow us to begin actualizing authentic Oneness and our innate multi-dimensional relationship with existence.

    Recorded on 17 February 2019