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  • Initiation Africa! Nov 6 -18, 2018

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    Immerse in the Activations, Mystery and Spiritual Alchemy
    with Victoria More and Sarah Nisse

    “Once you have walked upon Mother Africa your life will never be the same.”

    Towards the end of my first visit to South Africa in 2000, there was a moment when I became ecstatically aware of this profound truth.

    As I felt the sandy earth crunching beneath my feet, the wind gently caressing my skin, the blazing sun dappled by the luxuriant foliage above, and heard the sound of the nearby river rushing by, I knew that I was being completely held in and by a full sensory experience of vibrant connectivity that I had never before touched in this life.

    I knew in that moment that my life had been radically and permanently altered. Mother Africa had worked her magic on this deeply sensitive, highly attuned and mystically inclined Soul. She invited me to come down from my refuge in the transcendent and live in the vast mystery of full embodiment.

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    Twelve days of pure bliss!

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  • Dreaming Egypt — an Immersion in the Ancient Mysteries; October 16 – 28, 2018

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    October 16 – 28, 2018

    Have you ever felt an inner call to return to the mysterious land that once was home to the majesty and sacred wisdom of ancient Egypt? Or imagined meditating inside the great pyramid at Giza to experience a level of frequency amplification like none other on the planet? Or dreamt of feeling the first rays of the sun as it rises above the Temple of Isis to meet you upon your return from a breathtaking pre-dawn initiation?

    To visit Egypt is to sink into its ageless sands, to feel the energetic alchemy held in its ancient sites and to surrender into the vast mystery of our cosmic heritage from time beyond measure. In this land of sacred wisdom the imagination flowers as the veils dissolve and fall away, inviting you to question all that you have previously believed to be true. You will pass through the threshold of the unknowable, and witness the play of light and shadow that invites you into your true Self. You are embarking upon a journey of your soul’s divinity.

    We begin our Sacred Journey upon the Giza plateau, where we explore the timeless mysteries of the Sphinx and Pyramids in meditation and initiation … see full brochure here.

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  • March 16 – 21, Sanctuary in Sacred Santa Fe Retreat

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    A Special Equinox Retreat

    You are invited to join Victoria in magical Santa Fe, New Mexico—the heart of the mystical Southwest—for a deeply transformational journey of intense inner work and profound openings into new vistas of expanded awareness. 

    This intimate 6-day retreat, aligned with the powerful currents of the March equinox, is an opportunity to come together with like-minded souls from around the world, who like you, are ready to take advantage of this sacred time to dive fully into a new level of consciously embodied awareness in a setting that is nurturing, supportive and quite sumptuously beautiful … continue reading


  • Meeting the Unprecedented Timelines of 2018 — Virtual Retreat Recordings

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    A Virtual Retreat with Victoria More and Friends
    Held 12/29/17 through 1/1/18

    During this powerful virtual retreat, we celebrated the close of 2017 – a year that has brought us intense energetic upgrades, an unprecedented level of transformation, and challenges that pushed us further than we had imagined possible. And joyfully welcomed 2018, which promises to be equally as intense, challenging and rich with as yet undreamt of transformational possibilities.

    Truly this magnificent experience of planetary ascension is what we are all here for. And those of us gathered felt that dedicating this New Year’s weekend as a time to retreat, reflect and rejoice in a field of co-created Oneness was the best way to celebrate this grace. Even if you couldn’t make it live, you can participate in the power and presence with this audio series.

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