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  • Mastery 101 Meditations

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    Mastery 101 Full Program

    • Two Mastery 101 Meditations each month
    • Any other public meditations, satsangs, etc. that are offered during the month
    The program runs from January through December 2021, and is offered by invitation only.
  • Mastery 101 Calls

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    Monthly calls for this advanced Private Group — two one-hour meditation/satsang events each month.

  • EMERGENCE! 2021 Full Program

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    Emergence 2021 Program Level ($108 per month):

    • One Emergence  call
    • One or two Current Ongoing Series calls
    • One Processing call
    • All other meditations, satsangs, etc. that are offered during the month
    The program runs from July through December 2019, and is offered by invitation only.
  • Cellular Illumination—Food to Support the Multi-Dimensional Body and Soul

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    Cellular Illumination – a Journey of Conscious Embodiment Call 5
    Food to Support the Multi-Dimensional Body and Soul

    Join us on Sunday, December 4th at 9:00am Pacific for the fifth call in this powerful new series for advanced acceleration. During this call we are joined by a wonderful colleague and friend Judith Crop, who has over the past two years been on a stunning nutritional journey that has awakened her body of Joy. Judith will share the story of this recent journey along with the compelling wisdom and insights she has gained that are sure to inspire and inform.

    We will look at several other aspects of food for the multi-dimensional body soul as well, when our focus this week “gets physical”.

    We will of meditate, converse and have time for Q&A with this dynamic duo of heart and spirit.

  • October 9th – December 11th, Cellular Illumination — a Journey of Conscious Embodiment

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    A 10-week Series for Accelerated Awakening
    October 9th through December 11th, 2016
    The 1st Call is October 9th at 9:00am Pacific

    Do you feel how Gaia’s continuously ascending vibration is prompting your own frequency to come into resonance at every level of your life ? Are you inspired to really go for it and claim your birthright as a fully Conscious Embodiment of Soul Realization? Do you want to live with greater vitality, energy and inspiration as you upgrade your Joy Factor?

    If one or all of the above resonate with you, then you’ll want to join us for this new 10-week series to unveil, reveal and ignite your body’s innate capacity for a cellular illumination that ignites an exponential expansion of cosmic awareness.

    This transformation unfolds when we immerse in a field of body-to-body communication at the level of the causal realm that ignites the cellular wisdom of your own divine nature to transform your physical embodiment. This level of embodied wisdom comes primarily from exposure or as a result of energetic mapping, in addition to any guidance or understanding gained. I have been graced with several mystical teachers who have passed this skill on to me and I gratefully share it with you via our conference calls, forum postings and recommended practices for each week of the series.

    I’m very excited about collaborating with you on this journey and … who knows where it will take us!

    For all of you healers, coaches and teachers, this is an opportunity for entrainment in a mystical skill that can powerfully enhance your offerings. See full description below for all series details.