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  • Holy Days Meditation & Live Sound Bath Replays

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    I am very excited to announce that the replays are available now for the special event to celebrate the Sacred Holy Days in this spectacular year of magnificent vibrational ascension. On Saturday, December 16th, we had an opportunity to immerse within the powerful energies of the season with a profound meditation, and live 45-minute Sound Bath!

    My lovely friend Susan Eva joined us to soothe, delight and alchemize your body, mind and spirit into a field of purity and Oneness as we relax and attune with the extraordinary resonance of her Chrystal Alchemy Healing Bowls. Susan has a very special relationship with her exquisite healing bowls and this will surely be a most grace-filled and uplifting gathering at the height of the most profound and sacred time of the year.

    Join us via the replays of the event that took place on Saturday, December 16th  and enjoy a journey into the exquisite dimension of your true multi-dimensional Self; the one that is always free, sovereign and eternally present.

  • Exploration of the Sacred Nilotic Meridian – a TImeless Transmission

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    In response to the upsurge of extreme disruption at the top of the Nilotic Meridian during recent months, a small group came together with the questions, What are we being shown? And how can we help?

    During this two-call series you will experience a greater understanding of this majestic energetic presence considered by many to be Gaia’s central channel, in both visual discussion and meditations to directly experience its powerful frequencies. Discovering more about the meridian’s ancient history and energetic presence will shed greater light on its present day significance, and allow us to find answers to these questions.

    For more about the Nilotic Meridian click here.

    Click here for Replays of both calls

  • Solstice with Anna B — Video & Audio Recordings

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    June 2021 Solstice
    A Celebration of Reverence with Anna Breytenbach

    As natural cycles run their course we are inherently attuned to them in body, heart and soul. Only our minds seem to be separate until we turn our conscious attention to the greater vibrational field. In so “doing”, we may experience being more in flow and harmony.

    I am delighted to share with you the replays of this very special gathering with my beloved friend and world famous interspecies communicator Anna Breytenbach. Wherever you are in the world, north and south, summer and winter, the seasonal peak of solstice was celebrated by the ancient peoples from whom we all descended.

    Many learnings abound in exploring the depths of darkness and the clarity of light. Drawing from the wisdoms of nature and her creatures, Anna will share some contemplations for you to take into your own lives. Our time together ended with a beautiful guided meditation to embrace and honor all of creation.  

    Click here for more about this special event with Anna.

    Enjoy this luminous, heart-expanding and over-the-top Solstice celebration at any time with the replays!

  • Intro to Conscious Embodiment — Living As the Flow of Your True Nature Recordings

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    Are you ready for a life of greater vitality? One of unlimited joy and inspiration — no matter what is going on around you?

    Have your years of meditation and egoic clearing work not quite delivered what you have always been aching for?

    Do you long for a greater connection with the Truth of who you are and why you are here? For the clarity of your authentic guidance?

    If there is a ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, watch or listen to an interactive webinar that took place on September 12th, to find out more about the upcoming series, Conscious Embodiment — Living As the Flow of your True Nature.

    You might be surprised to learn that the key to accessing your Soul’s wisdom is to be found in a new, more robust and profound relationship with your own body. A quantum body that is so much more than you ever dreamed possible.The time is ripe for each of us to discover how to reveal and ignite our body’s innate capacity for spontaneous healing and enlightenment as a fully physicalized experience of life as a flow of unimpeded cosmic consciousness.

    If you have questions about this journey to master the alchemy of  body, breath and awareness as the key to awakening all the way into your cellular structure and beyond, please email them to me here, or bring them with you so we can address them on the call.

    We are so lucky to be here on planet Earth at this time and I am so inspired to share this new series with you. Join me for more on this journey of authentic, fully embodied, no-nonsense Self-realization.

    Link to the audio and video replays here.

    Full Series Details here.

  • A Blyde Birthday Party & Nilotic Meridian Extravaganza Recordings

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    You are invited to enjoy the recording of our special Birthday Party Extravaganza that celebratd the birth of all of the Virgos in our lives — including mine!  Join this special Satsang and Transmission of Joy from the exquisite energies of the powerful yet refined Dreamtime Field of the Blyde River Canyon. We’ connect virtually at the base of the powerful Nilotic Meridian, and immerse in the vibrant frequencies of wild nature to still our senses and delight our souls. The beauty here is breath-taking and the energies sublime.

    We begin with a meditation to a scintillating bush veld symphony — the sounds of the animal, mineral, insect and plant kingdoms in harmony. Then immerse further into the field with a special musical video journey to fully connect with each other in this place of my heart. This land where the river of stars with its sacred white lion guardians, infuses us energetically with both the primal power of mother earth and the exquisite mysteries of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to the north.

    So join me for an energetic bi-location journey to enjoy the gorgeous energies of this unique locale for a fabulous Birthday Celebration — free or by donation.

    Join the party — get the video recording with this link.

  • Contemplating the Pause: Maximizing the Potential for Personal and Collective Transformation — Recordings

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    Saturday, May 23rd
    An Insightful Live Webinar with Anna Breytenbach
    Event is over — Recordings Available Now!

    You are invited to a enjoy the recordings from a special live fundraising event with and for world-renowned interspecies communicator and conservationist — Anna Breytenbach.

    Experience an inspiring and heart-expanding conversation with Anna during this 90-minute video webinar where she shares her personal perspective of the Coronavirus phenomenon and this transitional time in general. She speaks about some of the challenges that we need to address inwardly and shares teachings specific to helping us bring forward the best version of ourselves. She also conveys messages from nature kingdom collectives offered in support of humanity during this pivotal time in our evolution.

    In addition you will have an opportunity to tap into her vast reservoir of wisdom with her answers to some of the questions on the topic that were sent in by participants.

    For more about Anna and this special fundraising event, click here.


  • Bridging the Schism between Humanity and the Natural World Recording

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    An Intimate Conversation with Anna Breytenbach

    Please enjoy an intimate and heart-expanding conversation with Anna during this 90-minute video webinar where she shares freely about her profound life purpose of bridging the schism between the various species; with both its extraordinary gifts as well as its extraordinary challenges.

    She also conveys messages of guidance and inspiration from the animal and other nature kingdom collectives offered in support of humanity, during this pivotal time in our evolution.

    For more on Anna, click here.