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  • 11/30 Authentic Inquiry; Into the Grace of Resolution — the Aristocrat versus the Commoner

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    Authentic Inquiry is an opportunity to gain mastery with a variety of cutting edge structured inquiry modalities that address both mental and emotional clearing.

    On Saturday, November 30th we will use a group square to meet head-on and bring to rest the polarized archetypes of the aristocrat and the commoner.Together we’ll dig in to reveal and clarify both our attraction and repulsion to each of these archetypes, and ultimately resolve them into their ascended, balanced state of Grace.

    The series is supported by a dedicated online forum and the simple joy of doing the inner work in the company of an enthusiastic group of serious processing adepts! Are you ready for the Fast Path of Mastery? If so, then  join us for this exciting series — powerful yes, and definitely not for the faint of heart!

  • 11/10 & 11/24 Spiraling Back on the Basics Module 4; Transcending Survival Programming

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    Join us for Module 4 in a new series to re-visit the fundamentals of awakening to enlightened consciousness while living and working in a world in major transition. During this month’s calls on  November 10th and 24th, at 8:00am PST we continue our series with Module Four — Transcending Survival Programming

    A major initiation available to all who have taken incarnation here on Gaia at this time is to  fully embody our innate birthright of Divine Creatorship. As well as the fulfillment of our agreement to come and be a transformative presence for the planet.

    Initiations require intense preparation and working one’s way into making this shift is quite an endeavor. It is one that we are truly blessed to be able to do, and during this module we will move forward into taking all that we have learned and mastered for ourselves, and begin to fully live into our destiny.