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  • 11/22 The Sacred Gateway of Gratitude Audio Recording

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    Join a powerful loving group meditation from November 22nd, to enjoy the profound experience of authentic gratitude. November 23rd was Thanksgiving Day in the US so the theme of gratitude was in the air. To deeply experience the frequencies of gratitude as the ascended 4th dimensional state that it truly can be, was the gift that we immersed within together as a beautiful group of aligned and attuned Beings.

    Meditating with this recording is an opportunity to enjoy the exquisite dimension of the true multi-dimensional you; the one that is always free, always sovereign and eternally present. Amplified by the expansive and enlivened energies of the holy days that we are now within.


  • 12/16 — A Special Holy Days Meditation & Live Sound Bath

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    I am very excited to announce a special event to celebrate the Sacred Holy Days in this spectacular year of magnificent vibrational ascension. On Saturday, December 16th at 10:00am Pacific, we will have an opportunity to immerse within the powerful energies of the season with a profound meditation, and live 45-minute Sound Bath!

    My lovely friend Susan Eva will join us to soothe, delight and alchemize your body, mind and spirit into a field of purity and Oneness as we relax and attune with the extraordinary resonance of her Chrystal Alchemy Healing Bowls. Susan has a very special relationship with her exquisite healing bowls and this will surely be a most grace-filled and uplifting gathering at the height of the most profound and sacred time of the year.

    Join us on Saturday, December 16th at 10:00am Pacific to enjoy a journey into the exquisite dimension of your true multi-dimensional Self; the one that is always free, sovereign and eternally present.