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  • January 25th 12:00pm PST — Australian Bush Fire Healing

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    Angelic guidance is asking us to hold space for those affected by the Bush Fires in Australia.

    Recently angelic guidance asked my friend Andrea Tu to send healing energies to all those affected by the Bush Fires in Australia. Which she immediately did. She was then asked to gather together all those who wish to be a conduit of divine love and grace to join her in this. We are each instruments of divine light, and there is nothing more exquisite than fulfilling this higher purpose.

    We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, January 25th at noon Pacific / Sunday 7:00am Melbourne time for a 1-hour gathering to send healing light to all those affected by the Australian bush fires — animals, people, flora and fauna, etc.

    Fire’s natural function is to allow opportunities for transformation, purification and regeneration. In fact, some of the indigenous flora in Australia can only regenerate after a fire. Let us follow nature’s lead so that we too can help facilitate transformation and regeneration in partnership with divine alignment, whatever that may be.

    Use this link to join us on Saturday, January 25th 12:00pm PST:

  • 2/1/2020 Authentic Inquiry — Bringing the Colonizer and the Colonized to Rest!

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    Please note the new date!

    During our last call we did a powerful  group square to meet head-on and bring to rest the polarized archetypes of the aristocrat and the commoner. Together we dug deeply in to reveal and clarify both our attraction and repulsion to each of these archetypes, and ultimately resolve them into their ascended, balanced state of Grace.

    We made a spectacular start on dismantling this pivotal dynamic and realized that it would require at least one future call. So you are invited you to join us on Saturday, February 1st 8:00am PST for our next step in dealing with this ubiquitous power dynamic, expressed as the colonizer and the colonized polarity. If you are also seeing this toxic pattern playing out in the world, you just might want to be part of bringing it to rest. This could turn out to be a long term project as there are so many iterations of it. But wouldn’t that be worth it!

  • 1/12 & 1/26 /2020 — Spiraling Back on the Basics; Selfless Service & Other Spiritual Essentials

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    Join us for Module Six in a new series to re-visit the fundamentals of awakening to enlightened consciousness while living and working in a world in major transition.

    During this final Module in this series on  January 12th and 26th, at 8:00am PST we will delve into our two next foundational theme — Selfless Service — and why it is so critical to our journey. You can do all the “right things” — meditate daily, process all your triggers, journal, movement practices, prayer, etc etc — but without the magical ingredient of true selfless giving (service to others) you are bound to hit at some point, an impenetrable road block on your journey to Actualize Oneness.

    During the 2nd call this month we will look at humility, purity and authenticity — qualities that naturally result from awakening consciousness and to be honored in ourselves and others.

    Of course, this is if you are serious about awakening in this life time.