Enlightenment and Embodiment

Living  As the Flow of Your True Nature and the Alchemy of Body, Breath and Awareness


Are you ready for an infusion of greater vitality, joy and inspiration in your life — no matter what is going on around you?

Or that your years of meditation or yoga or skillful inquiry, which have been great — no doubt about that — have not yet fully delivered all that you have been searching for?

Do you feel at this time of radical transition, that you want to be capable of connecting with your Soul’s purpose, your cosmic blueprint, in a more grounded and authentic way to receive the guidance necessary for taking your next steps?


If there is a ‘yes to one or more of these questions, then working with these principles and practices will powerfully support you on a path to discover and ignite your body’s innate capacity for spontaneous wholeness and enlightenment as a physical experience that supports living as a flow of unimpeded cosmic consciousness.

Could it be that a deeper connection — a more loving and all-encompassing relationship with your energetic and physical body is the key to discovering the source of inspiration, joy, fulfillment and Soul purpose is already inside of you?

This has definitely been my Truth. And sharing with you what I’ve learned over these years — especially recently — about how to tap this deep reservoir of innate wisdom through the powerful alchemy of body, breath and awareness is beyond exciting.

When we tap this alchemy, our energetic and physical bodies begin to enliven and reveal states of expansive connection. Like the petals of a flower opening towards the sun, when we fully open to the powerful energies that are pouring through and continuously upgrading all aspects of existence, we can consciously align with these amplified energetic downloads. This quickens the awakening of our higher-dimensional physiology — and the consciousness of fully embodied enlightenment.

Recent years have brought forward a wealth of information that bridges the realms of science and spirituality. With the dawning recognition that the properties of the quantum field and our electro-magnetic universe offer measurable proof of what spiritual traditions have called for centuries, the field of pure consciousness, our True Nature, the Source of all.

Informed and guided by the wisdom of both disciplines, we have all we need to lovingly access the alchemy of body, breath and awareness and fully embody the field of divine light — the White Light of Eternity — the authentic Truth of our Being.

We are each a point of consciousness in the quantum reality where all of existence is constantly creating and expressing the energy of universal love. We are simultaneously the creator, the creation and the constant act of creating.

Knowing this Truth as a fully embodied, visceral reality is the invitation open to all of us now at this time of massive transition.

We are so lucky to be here on planet Earth at this time. I invite you to join me for a radical and inspired journey of authentic, fully embodied, Self-realization.

Conscious Embodiment Series I Will be Offered again in Fall 2022


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