Anchoring As the Ground of Being Replays

A Multi-Session Series

Welcome to the replays of this special series! These times are definitely intense, so we’re going with the flow to meet the demands of these pivotal dynamics in the same manner — full on. Ready to pivot in a moment to meet any challenge as a doorway into greater clarity and higher dimensional frequencies, knowing that each is meant to bring forth our very best and trigger a vast evolutionary impulse for ascension.

This page is our virtual gathering space, which will give you access to all of the supporting information you need, including:

Supplemental Materials

Library of New Musical Playlists. Here you’ll find links to a selection of musical playlists that you can use for meditation or simply to enjoy anytime.

Audio and Video Replays:

April 17th Session
Full Session Video Replay
Easter Sunday Meditation & Intro Audio

February 27th Session
Full Session Video Replay
Full Session Audio Replay
Samadhi Channel Meditation Audio

March 20th Equinox Session
Full Session Video Replay
Full Session Audio Replay

Do check back regularly for inspirational and practical information to support this amazing journey.