Dreaming Egypt 2018 — An Immersion in the Ancient Mysteries

October 16–29, 2018

Have you ever felt an inner call to return to the mysterious land that once was home to the majesty and sacred wisdom of ancient Egypt?

Felt the desire to meditate inside the great pyramid at Giza and experience a level of high frequency amplification like none other on the planet?

Dreamt of feeling the first rays of the sun against your skin as it rises above the Temple of Isis to meet you upon your return from a breathtaking pre-dawn initiation?

Egypt holds the keys to so many mysteries that remind us of what was once known and held sacred about the totality of existence that spans eons of time and countless universes.

To visit Egypt is to sink into her ageless sands, to feel the energetic alchemy within the ancient sites and to surrender into the vast mystery of our cosmic heritage from time beyond measure. In this land of sacred wisdom imagination flowers as the veils dissolve and fall away, inviting you to question all that you have previously believed to be true. You will pass through the threshold of the unknowable, and witness a play of light and shadow that invites you into your true Self.  You are embarking upon a journey to re-discover your soul’s divinity.

I invite you to join me on a journey of transformation like no other.

We begin our Sacred Journey upon the Giza plateau where we explore the timeless mysteries of the Sphinx and Pyramids in a meditation and initiation.

In the afternoon we visit the wondrous temple complex of Sakarra and the recently opened Serapeum, an ancient site where legend has it that Ptah created the world. Our second day we visit the overwhelmingly beautiful treasures of the Cairo Museum.

Afterwards we fly to Aswan where we board our private sailing vessel, the Afandina, an elegant and intimate space to hold us as we deepen into our journey. This intimate 5-star vessel sleeps 16 but we are only opening this journey to 10 people so that there is room for those who want single accommodations. With its own staff and private chef, the Afandina provides us with the comforts of home 
as we gracefully travel along the Nile.

Our first day in Aswan we will settle in and then sail a felucca to the island of Soheil, a natural temple where the Pharoahs of old made pilgrimages to honor the Nile. Our second morning offers us an exclusive private ceremony at dawn in the exquisite Temple of Philae dedicated to the goddess Isis. From there we commence four days of travel upon the Nile stopping in the temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna; docking at night on islands where we experience the pastoral life of the everyday rural Egyptians.

Our final sail takes us to Luxor where the majority of the world’s antiquities are located. After seven nights on the Afandina, we will drive out into the countryside and spend the whole day in Abydos. This is a new and exciting opportunity for us to not only experience the extraordinary temple built by Sety I and the Osirion that holds the original Flower of Life, but to have time for visiting the Temple dedicated to Ramses and Om Sety’s tomb in an ancient Coptic Monastery. We will spend the night at the Flower of Life Hotel in Abydos.

The following morning we drive to Dendera to experience the temple dedicated to Hathor, goddess of love, joy and the celestial realms. In the afternoon we will return to Luxor and check into the elegant Sonesta St George Hotel overlooking the Nile. This will give us time to revisit Sekhmet, the Luxor Temple and the Luxor museum. Or do some additional shopping in the Luxor Market.

When we return to Cairo, our initiatory journey culminates in a private evening ceremony and meditation in the Great Pyramid.

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