The Vast Heartspace of an Elephant Samadhi

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August 2018

When you come upon a herd of elephants who invite you to hang out with them for a little while — or, if you’re very lucky — for a long while, you are treated to a magical encounter of breath-taking wonder. If you stop and open your awareness to their magnificent field, you are overtaken by an intensely powerful Samadhi. The stillness silences your mind and expands your senses so that their field, ripe with love, envelopes you completely and strikes straight through your heart to explode it into cosmic proportions. The elephant field is a Samadhi of pure love, pure wisdom, pure grace and pure heart healing. The frequency of their heart-field extends out for miles. They tell me that they are the stewards of the healed heart.

Several weeks ago a dear friend visited me here in South Africa and we were lucky enough to spend a blissful 24 hours in the Kruger Park. Not only were we graced with multiple profound encounters in the Elephant Samadhi field, but we also had a totally mind-blowing opportunity to see and hear what happens when those multiple herds all “meet up” at a local watering hole! During the evening at our bush camp, we were witness to over a hundred elephants of all ages (including the babies) rumbling their deep calls, trumpeting, drinking and splashing in the watering hole right out front — clearly enjoying a very social gathering. Silent it was not – but awe-inspiring and unforgettable it was.

When I arrived back home, full of the potent Ellie Samadhi — I did my best to share the experience on a call with a small group. If you could use some heart healing, and would like to dip into their field with a short description of my experience and a brief guided meditation and transmission, well … the elephants of Kruger Park have a Samadhi to share with you

Or click here and save as to download (approximately 35 minutes).

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