Energy Codes Book Study Testimonials

“Victoria is an exceptional guide through the beautiful, powerful practices of light-embodiment called the Energy Codes. She brims with enthusiasm, love and encouragement, and radiates a warmth and wholeness that permeates the session, reminding me of my Source-alignment, and own my capacity for wholeness and light-embodiment. It’s a privilege to study and practice the Energy Codes with Victoria.”

~ Bethany, Reiki Master

“As a CoreLight student, I enjoyed learning from Brad, Leslie, Victoria and all of the CoreLight staff.  Self-Discovery and Spiritual Warrior Training were the perfect courses for me at the time.

After graduating, I had a difficult time finding “my next step” to dive deeper.  When I checked in to see what Victoria was up to, I saw she was teaching The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter.  It aligned with all that I have come to believe and has taken me deeper into my own understanding.  This was the perfect “next step” for me.”

Victoria is a wonderful teacher and teaches how to develop a practice that incorporates not just knowing the techniques but how important it is to actually do them. This is a class that can change your life.”

~ Cindy McCathy, Spiritual Warrior Training Graduate

“I have found the energy codes to be a continuation and deepening of the teachings I received from my beloved teacher Leslie, and has felt like my next step. It’s exactly what I needed to deepen my spiritual practice and feed my soul.

I find that the approach of ‘taking it to the Body’ makes it so easy. It’s not just a mental process, but is actually an energetic / physical one, which I find conveniently simple. I love how the teachings are presented and being a Corelight student makes it easy to understand as it essentially speaks the same language. It has been very exciting to learn about and then practice them.

Reading the book was fun, however having Victoria take me/us deeper into the understandings and exercises has been priceless! I feel like Leslie led us right up to this place and then handed the ‘embodiment’ baton to Dr. Sue Morter. And to have our own beloved Victoria — Leslie’s assistant — to help steward the next leg in the journey is beautiful & perfect. I’m so thankful for this next step.”

~ Llani Corona, CoreLight Teacher Training Graduate

“I met Leslie in 2003 and have been a Corelight student for many years, dedicating myself wholeheartedly to clearing as much of my egoic conditioning as possible. I have gained so much from the teachings and techniques and am deeply grateful for the path that was bestowed upon me and that I embraced as fully as possible.

A few years ago I realized that I had cultivated a very clear mind, yet I knew that there was more to me that needed to be explored and ignited. I also realized that this part of me was inaccessible from a mind-led perspective. I had plateaued and needed another way.

At this point Victoria had been introduced to the field of energy medicine and bioenergetics – essentially body-led clearing techniques with the goal of embodying one’s soulful self – the work of Dr Sue Morter. I took to it like a duck to water and haven’t looked back. One day in the shower I was shown an energetic gestalt of what my soul wanted next for me, and this was communicated energetically as a full landing and embodiment of my essential self into this physical vessel.

My mind is used in a different way now. I’m not following what the mind thinks it should be clearing but instead it is learning to take cues from a soul-body collaboration and facilitates the movement of breath and energy in the body initiated by the soul. Much of the time the story doesn’t matter as the underlying energy is released and body circuitry ignited and restored. My health and vitality is improving. My relationships are transforming.  The whole process is truly magical and I am starting to live the life of my dreams.

Victoria is masterful at facilitating this important body of work and I can’t recommend her highly enough as a teacher and mentor in this fascinating field.

~ Dominique Koubovec, CoreLight Teacher Training Graduate

I wasn’t actively looking for a new teacher or healer. However, it is said “when the student is ready the teacher appears”.  I have always respected Victoria as a teacher and had the pleasure to occasionally sit in her sweet Presence over the years. 

When she first mentioned Dr Sue Morter, I was not looking for a teacher. My belief was that after a while all teachings are the same and I just needed to live by them and have a dedicated practice for my awakening. However — I knew to pay attention when Victoria recommends someone.

Then she sent an evite to her course to study the book entitled “The Energy Codes” by Dr Sue Morter, whom she has been studying with for 4 years. Several former Corelight student’s testimonials said “these teachings were the next step fafter Leslie’s teaching” and that caught my attention. I bought the book — it vibrated in my hands, and that certainly got my attention! I started reading it and heard a full body “YES”. So, I signed up.

THIS IS the next step for a Corelight student who has meditated in the Shushumna for decades. In this series Victoria will guide and demonstrate how to embody the Central Channel and breath within it using the Energy Codes that both clear and connect the energetic circuitry. These teachings and practices ARE DIFFERENT.

“If you have pain in your mental, emotional or physical body, you are not IN your body”     ~ Dr Sue Morter

I had pain, severe spasms and spinal collapse several times over the past 3 years. Suddenly I was on the fast track, studying the book, listening to Dr Sue on The Shift Network and signed up to see and experience her high energy and esoteric teachings in person. I feel significant shifts. For the first time in 3 years my back felt strong.

Studying with Victoria in a small intimate zoom group where I could ask questions and she would share the latest up-dates and teachings since the book was written was a true blessing.

No matter where you are on your Spiritual Path… THIS is the way to full embodiment.  I have restarted my yoga practice (mostly with a chair), which I missed so much and was advised not to do by a Spinal specialist and my Functional Medicine Doctor. Dr Sue’s BodyAwake Yoga is beyond every type of Yoga I have ever experienced. As I embody, I am healing.

Thank you, Victoria, for once again being a true Spiritual guide and teacher. 

~ Carole Harbard  Corelight Teacher Training Graduate, Student of Adyashanti, Energy Medicine and Reiki