Finding Sanctuary Within; a 4-Day Virtual Retreat

An intimate 4-Day Live Virtual Retreat
During the Season of Rebirth & Resurrection — April 14th thru 18th

Please note one update to our schedule:
We will begin the retreat with a call on Tuesday, April 14th and end on Saturday morning, April 18th.  See the retreat brochure below for details about how to get the most from a virtual retreat as well as schedules for all US time-zones.

I’m delighted to invite you to join me in taking a deeply transformational journey of profound openings into new vistas of awakened embodied consciousness with an intimate retreat to take place during the extraordinary global pause brought on by the 2020 pandemic. This pause is Spirit’s invitation for us to unplug from an unsustainable status quo to reset into the new alignments of our next version of reality

This 4-day virtual retreat will give you an opportunity to immerse in the timeless wisdom and luminosity of your deeper self, held within a nurturing, supportive and beautiful energetic field, in coherence with a small group of dedicated souls who are also ready to dive fully into their next level of consciously embodied awareness. And to work more closely with me as we take advantage of the beautiful frequencies of the season of rebirth and resurrection to uplift and catalyze your awakening into the Sacred Heart.

I’ve seen for awhile that this new year and decade have issued a clarion call to move into new territory, make big changes, and take action that will make a difference! However I had no idea that it would arrive in the way that it has — as a global pandemic that has brought humanity to its knees.

Be that as it may, this is Spirit’s invitation to wake up as we activate a quantum flip in our approach to actualizing the awakened state while living in the world. With opportunities to radically enhance our perceptions of consciousness, embodiment, and relationship with the cosmos—in fact our entire experience of reality. If this view resonates with you, know that our time together in the luminous presence of the sacred space that we will all hold, is dedicated to you finding  greater alignment with the Truth of who you are — and what you are here to do.

There is a special magic to this moment where uncertainly is the moment to moment experience. Where all of our previous plans, routines and habits have been curtailed. We are witnessing and participating in a time of personal and global pattern disruption. The perfect opportunity to reset into the alignments of a new multi-dimensional consciousness. And what better time to gather for a retreat!

During our virtual retreat, each day we will spend time meditating deeply, experimenting with innovative new breath & embodiment practices and engaging in deep no-holds-barred authentic dialogue as an aspect of soulful inquiry. Remember, physical activity is critical to move the energies that surface when we dive deeply into more refined states of consciousness and meet the inevitable psychic gunk that is stirred up. So we allow plenty of time for this as part of our program.

2020 heralds a renaissance in my personal passion for conscious embodiment activated by a lively new perspective. One of greater rigor, clarity and accessibility. It invites us to see our journey as one of embodiment — rather than attainment (in our case that would be, of enlightenment).

To see our bodies as amazing vehicles that are made of grace, designed to receive and embody the frequencies of existence or universal love, and bring the luminous, awakened consciousness that which we already are, into form. Able to act from, meet and engage with this world as that state fully embodied.

This is the year and decade for those of us who are ready, to embrace a quantum flip and enjoy its fulfillment as cellular illumination in order to actualize Oneness. Things we’ve spoken of for years, but are now possible and fully supported. Despite the restrictions of this unique time — this is the most radical, profound and momentous time of our lives!

Retreat brochure and schedules:
Please see our retreat brochure: Finding Sanctuary Within Retreat Brochure
And Schedules for US time-zones: Finding Sanctuary Within Schedules — US

Links to the calls will be sent to all participants several days before we begin.

Pricing: $222

This is a magnificent moment for transformation. Together we will have some serious fun exploring new facets or our true nature, while co-creating a powerful field for spiritual growth within the sublime sacred temple within, during a spectacular season of rebirth and resurrection.