Life as a Flow of Frequency – Infinite and Unlimited by Timelines or Dimensions

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11 January 2019

Here we are. a little over one week into a brand new year. Amazing to see how Gaia proceeds to continuously shift frequency into higher and more expanded ranges, spinning the illusion of time faster and faster while simultaneously amplifying wildly each of the mystically charged moments. Every Solstice, Equinox, Holy-day, full or new moon brings a new strand of empowerment. From what I understand regarding the intensity factor — we are definitely in for a wild ride — so be prepared because we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Fortunately we do have a way to keep up with the shifting sands of time and frequency. Quite simple really. The more we do our part to render the illusions (time being one of them) null and void, the less traction we have to struggle against, and the easier we can flow within the slipstream of conscious awareness. Quite a good plan, it seems to me.

Simply put — life, or existence in whatever form — is a flow of frequency. Everything is energy.

When we come to truly know all aspects of ourselves as an ever evolving flow of energy or a realm of frequency, our entire relationship with existence transforms.

Living in “flow” is a state that is beyond the limitation of timelines, dimensions or perception. We come to know our body mind continuum as an advanced and intricate system of exquisite energetic circuitry delivered within organic manifestation. The frequencies or energies that both manifest our presence and flow through us constantly. are those of universal life-force. With the most refined and powerful element in the frequency spectrum in this universe being that of universal love. The physics are irrefutable. And in knowing this — we truly have nothing to fear.

So when the frequencies of fear are injected or broadcast into our world and we find ourselves affected … we use our witness to observe the reaction as both an emotional state and an energetic frequency. We can effectively process the emotional reaction when we identify it as a dissonant frequency and then without any judgment, allow it to vibrate itself right into resolution.

Below is a quote from “Awakening Osiris” by Normandi Ellis. I find it spectacularly profound, totally succinct and perfectly calibrated to our lives at this time. I share it with you as a gift of grace.

“What God wants god shall have, and so I say, make it easy on yourself. The divine will asks only that things happen, that what it asks to exist comes to pass. My desire, my little will gives it form. If I struggle it comes anyway, malformed, a lesser power that it should be. If I give myself to it, it passes through me and I nourish it as it nourishes me. The difference is in the knowing of it. If there is confusion, I have not allowed life, the will of god, to change me. If I know it, I am changed by it. I have ferried myself across the churning waters of emotion. I go with the current, I rock to and fro in the tide. I come to a place I never knew i was bond for. There is a reason for accidents.

Further thoughts to ponder and serve as a compass for “True North” where we reside in our own center within. Grounded on our own Soul’s truth and none other. The ultimate center of the Cyclone.

With love and wonder at the miracle of life in every moment.

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