Living As the Flow of Your True Nature — Series II

Welcome to the Next Stage in our Journey of Conscious Embodiment — Living as the Flow Your True Nature Series II

I’m so glad we are continuing with this exciting exploration to discover and ignite your body’s innate capacity for spontaneous healing and enlightenment as a fully embodied experience of living as a flow of unimpeded cosmic consciousness.

This time of massive transition is one that invites a much deeper, more loving and more multi-dimensional relationship with our body as a key component in tapping the reservoir of our own innate universal cosmic wisdom — the Soulful Self — initiated by the magical alchemy of body, breath and awareness. When we unlock this alchemy, the magnetic field of both our energetic and physical bodies enliven to reveal states of expansive realization where we are not simply connected to but come to know ourselves as the connection itself of matter and spirit. And the cosmos superbly supports us with continuous downloads of pure high-frequency wisdom.

When we consciously align with and receive these amplified downloads we quicken the awakening of our higher-dimensional physiology —  the consciousness of fully embodied enlightenment.

We begin to perceive ourselves as the doorway — the portal — through which pure light emanates. We are both the wave and the particle, the stream of pure universal love that animates existence, expressed through a wondrous body.

And knowing that we have chosen to manifest here on this glorious blue-green planet at this absolutely perfect time, to be a transformative presence for our species. Which means of course, a magnificent opportunity for our Souls to soar. What a blessing!

A wealth of information continues to emerge bridging the realms of science and spirituality. With the dawning recognition that the properties that exist in the quantum field and our electro-magnetic universe offer measurable proof of what spiritual traditions have taught for centuries. Our True Nature is pure energy, pure cosmic wisdom, pure divine spirit. Pure quantum Truth. Oneness.

Informed and guided by the wisdom and insights of both, we have all we need to fully embody the field of divine light — the White Light of Eternity — the quantum Truth of our Being, here and now.

So, let’s continue this radical and inspired journey of authentic, fully embodied, grace-filled Self-realization together, now.

Living as the Continuous Flow II Schedule

During each of these sessions we will continue working with breath-work, meditation, circuitry and channel ignition, as well as powerful bio-energetic healing techniques to integrate subconscious interference and give us access to surprisingly enhanced perceptions and experience of life. Thereby clarifying and expanding our awareness into new levels of conscious embodiment and awakening to living fully as the Soulful Self.

All Saturday Sessions begin at 9:00am Pacific

Bonus Sessions & Special Events

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Meeting ID: 824 2671 7205
Passcode: Illumine21
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Take it to the Body Processing

These calls are dedicated to mastering several processing approaches that transcend the mental and emotional bodies to work directly with the limitations of the protective personality at the level of vibratory frequency.

All Sessions begin at 9:00am Pacific

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Meeting ID: 837 4949 4834
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Recommended Additional Support for a Livelier, Healthier Body!

The Energy Codes; The 7-step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life  by Dr Sue Morter

Conscious Embodiment Movement Support:

  1. Join the BodyAwake Online Yoga Series offered by the Morter Institute. For a small monthly fee ($20) you get two live classes per month taught by Dr. Sue, and access to a library of over 50 online classes that have been given during the past 10 months. No matter what your skill level is, you will be amazed at what you learn about the what yoga can really do for the bio-chemistry of your body. And you simply do as much or as little of the poses as you can. All classes are recorded so if you can’t make it live, you have a video recording. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough!
    Sign up here for BodyAwake Online Yoga Series
  2. Investigate Aston Kinetics for simple, basic movement principles that are really powerful and easy to incorporate into your life. I recently attended a Shift Network series given by this wonderful woman and am including some of her work in our course. If you are interested in expanding your physical body wisdom, check her site for video classes and ergonomic support materials. Or even purchase the Shift network 6-session series replays. I think that especially those of you who find the BodyAwake yoga to be too taxing, might find this series to be extremely helpful.
    And here is the promised link to a folder with several short (not quite as short as I mentioned on the call — but still not long) videos that show the very cool and adorable Judith Aston teaching several of the sequences that I shared with you in the Series I classes — and one or two that I didn’t but you will still gain from. You will have a hard time believing that she is 84 year old. This stuff works!! Enjoy
  3. Check out the Embody Keys Classes available via video, by my dear friend and former yoga teacher Sean Tebor. These classes are a bit more strenuous and require upper body strength, while providing a very pure intelligent movement experience. For a few of you, these could also be an even better alternative to the BodyAwake work.
  4. Other forms of Yoga, Dance, Qigong, etc.
    In addition to any guided physical movement that I include in our sessions, please — for these three months — take up one of these on a regular (perhaps daily ?) basis.

Essential time in Nature:
Make sure to get out in nature at least once or twice a week. Take a walk in the woods, or on the beach or even a visit to a botanical garden or local park if you are in a city without easy access to the ‘wild’. This is a critical component of what is now ‘mandatory’ self care for 2021!

Additional Audio and Video Recordings:

Our Second special Guided Meditation taken from one of my recent calls to enhance your meditation practice. These are in addition to any meditations taken from our Embodiment calls and found in the replay folder for that session.

This exquisite meditation is called “We Never Left Home”. Enjoy!

Listen online below or save as to download.


Each month I’m sharing a special Guided Meditation taken from one of my recent calls to enhance your meditation practice. These are in addition to any meditations that will be taken from our Embodiment calls and found in the replay folder for that session.

This month I invite you to enjoy “Golden Lotus of the Heart”.

Listen online below or right click and save as to download.


August 27th — Virgo Birthday Bash — In Case you missed this magical celebration!

Meditate to a scintillating bush veld symphony — the sounds of the animal, mineral, insect and plant kingdoms in harmony.

Then immerse further into the field with a special musical video journey to fully connect with this place of my heart. This land where the river of stars and sacred white lion guardians, infuse us energetically with both the primal power of mother earth and the exquisite mysteries of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to the north. Enjoy the Party with this link.

Our Online Forum
(Available Now)

We will again use the “Slack” platform to avoid the noise of social media and maintain an arena of online purity and presence. The link will add you to the Conscious Embodiment Slack platform. Once you’ve signed up — which you have to do in order to access the system— you’ll see a few ‘channels’.  You also have the options of group and private conversations with me or individual members. Despite it’s slightly ‘corporate’ vibe, it can definitely work for us 🙂

Invitations to join have gone out to you all .and I’m looking forward to reading what you’d like to share.