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Welcome to the  Journey of Conscious Embodiment — Living as the Flow Your True Nature

I’m so glad for your ‘yes’ to joining me for this exciting exploration of opening up a path to discover and ignite your body’s innate capacity for spontaneous healing and enlightenment as a physical experience that supports living as a flow of unimpeded cosmic consciousness.

This time of massive transition is one that calls for a much deeper, more loving and all-encompassing relationship with our body, as the key to exploring and tapping the reservoir of our own innate universal cosmic wisdom as the Self, aided by the magical alchemy of body, breath and awareness.

When we unlock this alchemy, our energetic and physical bodies begin to enliven and reveal states of expansive connection. One where we are not simply connected but where we come to know ourselves as connection. Like the petals of a flower opening to the sun, when we fully open to the powerful energies that are now pouring through and continuously upgrading all aspects of existence, we consciously align with these amplified energetic downloads, quickening the awakening of our higher-dimensional physiology —  the consciousness of fully embodied enlightenment.

The last several years have brought forth a wealth of information bridging the realms of science and spirituality. With the dawning recognition that the properties of the quantum field and our electro-magnetic universe offer measurable proof of what spiritual traditions have called for centuries, the field of pure consciousness, or our True Nature.

Informed and guided by the wisdom of both disciplines, we have all we need to lovingly access the alchemy of body, breath and awareness and fully embody the field of divine light — the White Light of Eternity — the authentic Truth of our Being. We are so lucky to be here on planet Earth at this time.

Let’s begin our radical and inspired journey of authentic, fully embodied, grace-filled Self-realization now.    With so much love, Victoriaxx

NEW — Living as the Continuous Flow Series I Highlights

Included in this folder:

  • bonus breathwork,
  • bonus meditation,
  • heart coherence breath,
  • elevator shaft meditation,
  • Opening the first two Samadhi Channels,
  • Opening the Heart Channel.

These audio excerpts will allow you to review some of the highlights without needing to go through the entire class. Hope you find it helpful.

Living as the Continuous Flow Schedule

All Saturday Sessions begin at 9:00am Pacific

During each of these sessions we will be working with different breath exercises, meditations, enlivening subtle channels, igniting subtle circuitry and bringing awareness into a new level of conscious embodiment.

Bonus Sessions

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Passcode: Embody2020
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Take it to the Body Processing

All Sessions begin at 9:00am Pacific

These calls are dedicated to mastering a processing approach that transcends the mental and emotional bodies to work directly with the limitations of the protective personality at the level of vibratory frequency.

Zoom Link to All Processing sessions 

Meeting ID: 837 4949 4834
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Highly Recommended —  to Get the Most from this Series:

The Energy Codes; The 7-step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life  by Dr Sue Morter

Conscious Embodiment Movement:
Join the BodyAwake Online Yoga Series offered by the Morter Institute. For a small monthly fee ($20) you get two live classes per month taught by Dr. Sue, and access to a library of over 40 online classes that have been given during the past 6 months. No matter what your skill level is, you will be amazed at what you learn about the what yoga really does for the bio-chemistry of the body. And you simply do as much or as little of the poses as you can. All classes are recorded so if you can’t make it live, you have a video recording. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough!

Sign up here for BodyAwake Online Yoga Series

Other forms of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Dance, etc.
In addition to any guided physical movement that I include in our sessions, please — for these three months — take up one of these on a regular (perhaps daily ?) basis.

Essential time in Nature:
Try to get out in nature at least once or twice a week. Take a walk in the woods, or not the beach or even a botanical garden or local park if you are in a city without easy access to the ‘wild’.

Other Audio and Video Recordings:

October 10, Body, Breath and Awareness — The Sacred Geometry of the Body in Motion

Our first session in Conscious Embodiment to Live AS the Flow of Your True Divine Nature. This session gave a brief overview of recommended activities to augment the sessions as well a further introduction to the power of the Body, Breath, Awareness continuum of consciousness. It was a great start with an absolutely superb group field!

Click here to download both the audio and video recordings of the entire session.

Or enjoy this Special Bonus Audio for those who would like a longer guided meditation (45 minutes).
Listen online or click here to download this meditation.

September 12, Introduction to the Series

This call introduces the topic of Conscious Embodiment to Live AS the Flow of Your True Divine Nature — consciously and intentionally.  A topic that has roots in all of the major sacred traditions (if you know what to look for), as well as current scientific discoveries about the quantum nature of our gorgeous universe.

Click here to download the audio recording or play online below.

Additional audio and video recordings:

Strolling under the Skin — Fascinating, though a bit gory YouTube video about the fascia (the real jewels are about 11 minutes in).

The Merkaba – A very fun video with cool music and lots of great images.

New Earth Conversations Interview with Elizabeth Wood.

Link to Our Online Forum:

We are using the “Slack” platform so that we can avoid the noise of the social media FB groups and maintain an arena of purity and presence online. The link above will add you to the Conscious Embodiment Slack platform. Once you’ve signed up — which you have to do in order to access the system— you’ll see multiple ‘channels’.  You also have the options of conversing with one or all members. It has a bit of a ‘corporate’ vibe, as that is what the system was originally created for, but we don’t have to let that bother us 🙂