Living in Flow!

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Some months ago, when I was in the throes of creating a new website and letting go of the security of a salaried position, I received an incredible gift. It was a totally unexpected surprise, which made it all the more impactful. A lovely friend and student sent an email with the following:

“ I just received an inheritance from my aunt’s estate, and intend to give away a good portion of it, since we already have more than we need.  You and several others have enriched my life immensely, and I would like to even things out a bit.  I would be honored if you would accept a donation of $5,000.00 to use in whatever way you think best.  I have already received value greater than that from you, so there’s no exchange needed. I hope this doesn’t make you feel weird – I would do it anonymously if I could, but only billionaire politicians have that option!”

The energy of this message with its vibration of purity, gratitude and generosity hit me powerfully in the very best of ways. In fact, it affected me so palpably that I was immediately inspired to turn around and donate some of it to Seeds of Light, the humanitarian project I support in South Africa.

This was not any kind of “as a spiritual person, you’re supposed to tithe” idea or belief. I was touched and grateful, of course. But beyond that, I simply couldn’t help but want to honor the energetic purity of this exquisitely generous gesture. And there was a clear mandate from the invisible realms to pass it on, if you will.

I requested that part of my donation go directly to support “Q”, the child that I sponsor in rural poverty-stricken Acornhoek. She’s a brilliant young girl (gifted both artistically and academically), who was left fatherless several years ago by AIDS. This extra gift for Q was of course also quite unexpected and … well … you can see for yourself in the excerpts from email exchanges with a Seeds of Light coordinator below:

“I went to see Lillian (Q’s mother) today to ask her what Q might need as there had been a special donation — and was told that Q really needs a school uniform, a skirt and shirt. I asked her what else and she said shoes and some other things, and when I said, “OK, what is a good day for me to take Q shopping?” Lillian just burst into tears. She told me she had been stressing in a big way, as she didn’t know where the money was going to come from, and school was starting in one week. Q’s shoes are broken and they were going to try to get them repaired. She cried and cried and said that you are an angel from heaven… ”

(And a few days later) “Q and I had a lovely day shopping yesterday – she got a new school uniform, including a pair of really good quality leather shoes, which made Lillian cry profusely, “Buccaneers, only rich people’s children wear Buccaneers, I never thought one of my children would wear Buccaneers” … (followed by a list of all of the other purchases).

“Q was delightful – she knew exactly what she wanted and where to find it, and both she and Lillian are incredibly grateful. (Lillian couldn’t speak for crying for about 10 minutes). You really made their day and have given Q a wonderful start to her school year – she is so excited and her goal is to get her marks up and win the Student of the Year prize.”

I share this story because it so beautifully illustrates what manifests from the flow of generosity—and how it spirals everything up. The woman who initiated this wave of joy that traveled round the world is not excessively wealthy – she is simply comfortable enough and not afflicted by greed or the sense that “I must keep whatever comes my way as you can never have too much”. The purity of intent that she was expressing compelled me to act in kind, despite the fact that I was about to step off a ledge financially. And since I have spent years coming to an understanding of how embodying the principle of flow catapults our finances into a higher vibratory expression, I was able to comply ;-). Which is not to say that I am not regularly challenged to recommit to this principle – perfect Saint I am not! But I can honestly say that each email about Q that I received created more joy in my field than any big bank balance could have. It is such a privilege to be able to give — to feel the dynamic of giving back to the system — to feel the joy that is generated in another when they receive that energetic hit of love and concern  — to truly BE at one with the greater whole.

Simply put, Flow is the movement of energy. It is the fluid nature of awareness that moves through all of creation and manifests in a multitude of ways. Generosity and flow are partners, and the Universe has always got your back! The flow of abundance includes but is not restricted to, finances and resources.

The truth is that living in flow applies to all aspects of existence — personal as well as cosmic — as the energetic dynamic of fluidity in play. In my book, understanding and consciously living in flow makes for an ecstatic and joy-filled existence. It is the way of our future humanity.

With abundant of love and joy,

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