2024 Radical Revelations — Our True Nature

Living Into A Year of Radical Revelations

Our advanced and enhanced continuation of the work that we’ve begun with our previous Conscious Embodiment & Living Luminous series. This offering is a gift from my heart and a more of a ‘dare’ as well.

Just because you are:

  • Ready to radically up-level your game,
  • Take another major leap forward in your journey of awakening to the Truth of your Being,
  • Wish to work more deeply with me on a personal level.

Yeah! Let’s keep going — with an updated / upgraded name!

Zoom Link to all Radical Realization Calls

2024 Radical Realizations —May Schedule & Replays

Sunday, May 5th
Satsang & Meditation

Sunday, May 12th
Mother’s Day with Gaia 
Mothers Day w/Gaia Meditation

Saturday May 25th
Intro to Awakening the Lotus

Sunday May 26th
Radical Revelations Satsang & Meditation


2024 Radical Realizations —April Schedule & Replays

Sunday, April 7th
Pre-Eclipse Satsang & Meditation

Sunday, April 21st
Missed due to Airline Flight Delay

Saturday April 27th
Open To the Depths Within Meditation

Sunday April 28th
Radical Revelations Satsang & Chakra 12 and Beyond Meditation


2024 Radical Realizations —March Replays

Sunday, March 3rd
How Judgment Underlies So Many Assumptions

Sunday, March 17th
Inter-Species Communication Review

Sunday March 24th
Post Equinox Meditation

Sunday March 31st
Easter Sunday Meditation Audio


2024 Radical Realizations —February Schedule

Sunday, February 4th, 9:30am
Revelations — Radical and Otherwise

Sunday, February 11th, 9:30am
A Telluric Initiation and the Frequency of Compassion Video
Telluric Meditation Audio

Sunday,February 25th, 9:30am
Satsang and Meditation



2024 Radical Realizations —January Replays

Sunday, January 7th
Ending One Year and Beginning the New
Alignment Attunement Meditation

Sunday January 21st
Radical Alignment  In the Sacred Kiva

Saturday January 27th
Cultivating the Frequencies of Authenticity & Humility

Sunday January 28th
Circuitry Activation Discussion & Meditation


2023 Radical Realizations —December Replays

Sunday, December 10th
Basking in the Holy Days & Ascension Codes
Meditation As the Frequency of Light Audio

Saturday, December 16th 10:00am
Special Holy-Days Meditation & Sound Bath

Sunday,December 17th 9:00am
Solstice Satsang & Meditation

Saturday December 30th 9:00am
Meditation & Visioning a New Year


2023 Radical Realizations —November Replays

Saturday, November 4th 9:00am
Let Peace Prevail — Public Meditation

Sunday, November 5th Replay
Our Singular Point of Focus
Finding Inner Peace (12 Minute Meditation)

Sunday, November 12th 9:00am
11/12 Divali Satsang & Meditation

Sunday November 26th 9:00am
Opening to the Holy Days Audio Meditation


2023 Radical Realizations —October Replays

Sunday, October 8th Replay
A Radical Celebration of Who We Are
Anchoring in Magnetic Love — Opening Meditation Audio

Sunday, October 15th Replay
A Gathering in the Buddhist Kiva
Upgraded Triage Practice (for Helen)

Sunday October 29th Replay
Let Peace Prevail Meditation & Conversation

Two Magnetic Meditation Audio Gifts
One is 1/2 hour long and the other is One Hour

2023 Radical Realizations —September Replays

Sunday, September 3rd, 9:00am Pacific
As Summer is Comes to Its Final Moments

Sunday, September 17th 9:00am Pacific
Ending a Radical Summer — No Call

Saturday September 23rd 9:00am Pacific
September Equinox Meditation

Sunday September 24th at 9:00am Pacific Time
The Radical Gravity Factor


2023 Radical Realizations — August Replays

Sunday July 30th
Radical Realizations — Vibrational Alchemy Video
Vibrational Alchemy Meditation audio

Sunday August 20th
Radical Realizations & Chakra 12 Exploration Meditation

Saturday, August 26th
Radical Realizations & Special Meditation Audio

Sunday August 27th at 9:00am Pacific Time
Celebrating Birthdays & the Glory of Nature

2023 Radical Realizations — July Replays

Sunday July 2nd, 9:00am Pacific Time
Establishing a New ‘Come From’ as Creator

Sunday July 9th, 9:00am Pacific Time
You Are Your Magnificent Creation

Saturday, July 22nd 9:00am Pacific Time
Dipping Into the Pool of Shimmering Grace

Sunday July 23rd at 9:00am Pacific Time
Being the Constant Act of  Creation


2023 Radical Realizations — June Schedule & Replays

Sunday June 4th Replay
Stacking Up the Column — Preparing to ‘Vessel’

Sunday June 18th Replays
Radical Realizations June Solstice Video

Sunday June 24th
Post Solstice Meditation Audio

Sunday June 25th
Allowing the Solstice Frequencies to Integrate


2023 Radical Realizations — May Replays

Sunday April 23rd at 9:00am
Emergence of a Deeper Love Video Replay

Sunday April 30th Replay
Embodiment of a Deeper Love

Sunday May 14th Replays
Radical Realizations Mother’s Day Video
Mother’s Day Audio of Meditation Only

Sunday May 28th at 9:00am Pacific Time
Finding the Frequencies of a Deeper Love


2023 Radical Realizations — April  Replays

Sunday April 2nd
Embodiment of a Deeper Love Video Replay

Saturday April 8th
Nilotic Journey River of Gold Video Replay

Sunday April 9th
Easter Sunday Sunrise Meditation Video Replay

Saturday April 22nd
Nilotic Journey River of Stars Video Replay



2023 Radical Realizations — March  Replays

Sunday March 5th Replay
Radically Deeper Love Video Replay
A Deeper Love Meditation & Music

Sunday March 12th Video Replay
Energetic Upleveling Check-In & Meditation

Sunday March 19th at 9:00am Pacific Time
March Equinox Transmission Video Replay
Perfect Balance Meditation

Saturday March 25th at 9:00am Pacific Time
Actualizing Agents — Post Equinox Integration


2023 Radical Realizations — February Replays

Sunday February 5th Replay
A Year for Radical Realizations Video Replay
02-05 Embracing the Mind – a Meditation

Sunday February 12 Replay
Radical Realizations Deepening Video Replay
02/12 What You Focus on You Become Meditation

Sunday February 19th 9:00am Pacific
Radical Realizations Circuitry Enhancement


2023 Radical Realizations — January Replays

Sunday January 8th Replay
A Year for Radical Realizations Video Replay
01-08 Powerful Frequency Meditation

Sunday January 22nd Replay
Radical Realizations Deepening Emergence

Saturday December 28th Replay
Actualizing Agents — Oneness Meditation

Sunday January 29th Replay
Radical Realizations Circuitry Enhancement


Living Luminous Possibilities — December Replays

Sunday December 4th Replay
Circuitry Enhancement for Embodiment Replay

Sunday December 11th Replay
Radically Rethinking Resolutions Replay

Sunday December 18th Replay
Luminous Circuitry Activation

Saturday December 24th Replay
Christmas Eve —Actualizing Agents Meditation


Living Luminous Possibilities —November Replays


Sunday October 30th Replay
Circuitry Enhancement for Embodiment Replay

Sunday November 6th Replay
Luminous Emergence Diving Deeply Replay

Sunday November 27th at 9:00am Pacific
Luminous Activation — Being Sacred Space


Living Luminous Possibilities — October Replays

Sunday October 2nd
Activating the Wisdom of Saraswati Replay

Sunday October 16th
Luminous Emergence
Om Namah Shivaya YouTube Link

Sunday October 23rd
Luminous Circuitry Activation Video  & Meditation Audio

Saturday, October 29th
Being an Actualizing Agent of the Divine


Living Luminous Possibilities — September Replays

Sunday September 3rd Replays
Presence of Luminous Circuitry Video
A New Level of Presence Audio

Sunday September 18th Replays
Luminous Equinox Prep Video & Audio Meditation

Saturday, September 24th, 9:00am Pacific
Cultivating Allowance Global Meditation

Sunday September 25th, 9:00am Pacific
Circuitry Activation

Living Luminous Possibilities — August Replays

Sunday August 14th
Luminous Circuitry Activation Video Replay
4th Dimensional Heart Initiation audio Replay

Sunday August 21st
Luminous  Timeless Essence Video Replay
Timelessness Practice Audio Replay

Saturday, August 27th
Luminous Body Timeless Replays

Sunday August 28th
Luminous Circuitry Activation Video Replay
Luminous Circuitry Activation Meditation Audio

Living Luminous Possibilities — July Replays

Sunday July 10th
Circuitry Activation (No Replay as Sound was Bad)

Sunday July 17th
Luminous Emergence Video Replay & Meditation Only Audio

Sunday July 24
Luminous Circuitry Activation Video Replay & Audio Replay

Saturday, July 30th
Being an Actualizing Agent of the Divine

Sunday, July 31st
Luminous Circuitry Activation Video Replay & Audio Replay

Living Luminous Possibilities — June Replays

Sunday June 5th Circuitry Activation
Circuitry Activation — Video Replay
Circuitry Activation — Meditation Only

Sunday June 12th
Luminous Emergence — Sound Meditation

Sunday June 26thth Video
Circuitry Activation-Beyond Principles & Practices Audio
Beyond Principles & Practices Video


Living Luminous Possibilities — May Replays

Sunday May 8th Video Replays
Circuitry Activation in the Sacred Kiva!
Meditation in the Sacred Kiva

Sunday May 22nd
Luminous Emergence — Post Eclipse Shakedown

Saturday May 28th
Being an Actualizing Agent of the Divine

Sunday May 29th Video
Luminous Circuitry Activation


Living Luminous Possibilities — April Replays

Sunday April 10th Video Replay
Embodiment — Feeling the Feeling You Don’t Want to Feel

Saturday April 16th, 9:00am Pacific Daylight Time
Living Luminous Emergence

Sunday April 17th,  9:00am Pacific Daylight Time
Dialed into the Ground of Being — Easter Sunday

Sunday April 24th, 9:00am Pacific Daylight Time
Circuitry Activation to Actualize Wholeness

Living Luminous Possibilities — March Replays

Sunday March 6th Video Replay
Awakening Consciousness & Embodiment Practices Review

Sunday March 13th Video Replay
Living Luminous Emergence

Sunday March 20th Video Replay
Dialed into the Ground of Being

Sunday March 27th Video Replay Part 1
Sunday March 27th Video Replay Part 2
Circuitry Activation to Actualize Wholeness

Living Luminous Possibilities — February Replays

Sunday February 6th Video
Circuitry Activation

Sunday February 13th — Luminous Emergence Video
Re-Writing History Process Audio

Sunday February 20th Video
Being True State & Essence of Love Audio

Sunday February 27th Video
Dialed Into the Ground of Being Audio
Samadhi Channel Meditation Only Audio


Living Luminous Possibilities — January Replays

Luminous Emergence
Saturday January 15th Video Replay
Saturday January 15th Audio Replay

Circuitry Activation
Sunday January 23rd, Video Replay
Sunday January 23rd Audio Replay

Circuitry Activation
Sunday January 30th, Video Replay


Essential time in Nature
Make sure to get out in nature at least twice or more each week. Take a walk in the woods, on the beach or even a visit to a botanical garden or local park if you are in a city without easy access to the ‘wild’. This is what is now ‘mandatory’ self care for 2022!