Living the Soul’s Perspective

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How would your life be if you were living from your Soul’s perspective instead of your personality’s?

What would the world look like if we all related soul-to-soul, even with those who hadn’t yet remembered that this is who they are?

I believe that it is now time to ask these questions, as we have definitely moved into another new energetic dimension after the June, 2016 Solstice. Have you noticed how the veils between the dimensions have this time remained open and transparent, with no sign of closing down in sight? Have you been feeling the effects? There’s no way to avoid it really, either personally or collectively.

For me the last Solstice packed quite an unexpected punch that resulted in something very subtle, yet quite momentous – another one of those ‘slight shifts in perception that change everything’.

Here’s how it went. I was recently given a book Journey of Souls, written by a hypnotherapist who specializes in regressing people beyond past lives and into their experiences between incarnations where they reside as pure soul essence. In it he shares hundreds of fascinating case studies from souls of all ‘ages’ from the very young (newly individuated from Source) to the very old (countless lives in this and other worlds – sound familiar?).

From these reports it’s clear that being pure soul essence is not about spacing around in the etheric realms with nothing to do but bliss out, either. Quite the contrary, what he recounts is a very dynamic dimension of reality where soul level expansion is definitely the name of the game; where humility, brutally honest but non-judgmental self-analysis, and lots of guidance and support, are the norm. It is worth noting that incarnations on planet Earth are considered to be rather tough going – fantastic catalysts for growth because of the rigorous challenges – and not for the faint of heart.

What is important though is how re-connecting with this information around this window of heightened awareness affected me. I noticed how very familiar it all felt, like something I knew as well as the back of my hand but had forgotten to mention, and was so glad to be talking about again. At the same time, quite spontaneously the witness self began a process of deepening until it morphed into identification as the Soul, period full-stop. The doors had been flung wide open onto a new vista of expanded truth with undeniable clarity and absolute familiarity.

As one or two other pieces fell into place somehow, rather quietly and without much fanfare, I began to realize that I had just gone through a serious reality-shift into a profound new experience of life – the Soul’s perspective. With it came a continuous sense of my life being consciously over-lit by a new sense of vastness, of the Soul’s eternality as not simply a fleeting moment of heightened perception or experience during deep meditation, but a constant, comfortable presence. Life on a new playing field.

For a while I just spent time becoming familiar with and enjoying this new state, pondering its implications and sharing it with a few friends and fellow journeyers. Until a few days ago that is, when to my surprise and delight I received a link to Matt Kahn’s latest video,  called—yup, you guessed it—The Soul’s Journey! Which tells me that this upgrade is definitely ‘on the map’ and it is indeed time for many of us to begin authentically living as a Soul expressing through the vehicle of personhood, rather than a person who knows she has a divine soul or is in search of that. How’s that for a new outlook?

The Soul’s perspective as the very long view—where all of life’s delights, dilemmas and foibles are perceived in a very different light. It is not so much an opting-out of the human condition, more a vastly expanded comprehension of its meaning, depth and possibilities. And the Soul’s wisdom ultimately encompasses all timelines, all dimensions.

There is much to share about this new perspective and if you are interested in engaging with this in real depth, please listen to the audio recordings from this  two-part series. I look forward to sharing much more about this exciting facet of the journey that is up for all of us to claim, here and now.Blyde_Modimole2

With love from the scintillating stillness of winter in the bushveld,

July 2016

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