Mapping “Unfinished Business” Using the Tools of Inner Inventory — a Four Workshop Series


We’re in a time when many of our unresolved issues are coming up. This means it’s also a powerful moment to put a spotlight on what is surfacing..

Even those of us with years of experience with meditation and self-inquiry techniques may find ourselves caught off guard by our own emotional triggers and reactive behaviors.

We may feel stuck in certain situations. Whether it’s challenging family dynamics, tension in relationships or at work, unrelenting distress over current events, even the sense that we are at a plateau or lack direction — we may sense that “something is going on” at a deeper level, but we don’t know how to flush it out for healing or release or resolution.

What if the blind-spots that set us off can be tracked down? What if they are not there because we’re doing something wrong, but because we just haven’t seen them yet for what they are?

These challenging situations are meant to be helpful – as input to our inner navigation system – and they can be explored using the tools of inner inventory.

Courageous inner inventory helps lay the groundwork for deep discernment and lasting change. It provides a map to find where we are and a compass to give feedback on the direction we’re heading. We can spot what is as yet unfinished, ignored, or misunderstood within.

Between now and the end of 2019, you are invited to be part of a courageous band of explorers for a hands-on journey into the healing power of taking your own inner inventory — starting with a free hour-long video workshop on October 26, 2019, followed by a series of four two-hour interactive workshops during November and December.

During the workshops, we will work with a selection of topics, a subset of the following or similar: resentment, fear, selfishness, pride, dishonesty, spiritual bypassing, racism and bias, powerlessness, embodiment, forgiveness, honesty, trust, humility, compassion, safety, vulnerability, curiosity, generosity and others.

Contrary to what is often believed, the purpose of an inventory is not to find out how good or bad we are. Its purpose is to help us start *exactly* where we are. This feedback allows us to continue in the direction we understand as our own True North.

We will experiment with a variety of inventory tools. Our work will be highly interactive, but nothing need be shared that is too personal. Steps for follow up will be included or suggested.

I look forward to sharing these adventures with you,


All calls (after the Intro) will be presented using the Zoom platform;

Sunday, November 3rd, 9:00am Pacific

Sunday, November 17th, 9:00am Pacific

Sunday, December 8th, 9:00am Pacific

Sunday, December 29th 9:00am Pacific

Series also includes a special online forum for Q&A, additional information, etc. on the Slack platform.


About the Facilitator

Deborah Elms aka WomanMonk; mystic, mentor, and explorer of what brings us into greater Light, deeper Stillness, and a clearer sense of the Eternal Self.