Mastery 101; Immersed in Oneness with the High Vibe Tribe

Meditating  with  the High-Vibe  Tribe

To stand beside, to create and hold sacred space with a group of spiritually mature and luminous Beings such as yourselves. We are each in our own unique ways, deeply dedicated to exploring and awakening into higher states of consciousness, greater clarity and embodied Truth.

Absorption in Samadhi

How can I describe what lies beyond words?

Just as I cannot bottle the sunlight or capture a cloud
Nor whisper a bud into a full blooming rose,
These hail from the mysterious realm of Grace
To be received with wonder and awe

So I cannot tell you exactly what it is
Nor even how to find it
Though I can point you in the right direction

But if you ask me why or when, I can truly say
It is your Destiny — And will appear at the perfect moment.

2024 Replay Library

2024-01-06 Mastery Greeting the New Year Video

2024-01-20 Meditation In and Through the Cosmos

2024-02-10 Meditation in Honor of the Lunar New Year & the Frequency of Compassion

2024-02-24 Meditation to Honor the Flow of Compassion

2024-03-09 Meditation to Honor New Beginnings 

2024-03-30 Resurrection of Christed Consciousness

2023 Replay Library

2023-12-23  Mastery Winter Solstice Meditation

2023-12-09  Holy Days Meditation to Integrate Ascension Codes

2023-11-25  Mastery Meditation — Grace & Gratitude

2023-11-11   Mastery Meditation — In the 11/11/11 Gateway

2023-10-13  Mastery Meditation — The Next Step with Magnetic Love

2023-09-09 Mastery Meditation — Unbounded Awareness

2023-09-02 Mastery Meditation — The Radiance of Love

2023-08-19 Mastery Meditation — Joyful Embodiment

2023-07-29 Mastery Meditation — Vibrational Alchemy

2023-07-08 Mastery Meditation —Deepening into Stillness

2323-06-17 Mastery Meditation — New Moon Pre Solstice Meditation

2323-06-03 Mastery Meditation — Stacking Up the Column II

2023-05-27 Mastery Meditation — Stacking Up the Column

2023-05-13 Mastery Meditation — Walking the Depth of Joy Into Life

2023-03-18 Mastery MeditationEquinox/Aries New Moon Video & Meditation Audio

2023-03-04 Mastery Meditation — Activating Chakra 11

2023-02-18 Mastery Meditation — Short Deep Dive Meditation

2023-02-04 Mastery Meditation — Embodied Enlightenment

2023 01-21  Mastery Meditation Activating the Electro-Magnetic Body

2023 01-07  Mastery Meditation — Video Replay

2022 Replay Library

2022-12-17 Mastery Meditation Video Replay

2022-12-03 Anchoring into the Depths Video Replay

2022-11-26 Being Sacred Space Video Replay

2022-11-05 Mastery Meditation Audio Recording

2022-10-15 Mastery Meditation Into the Light! Video Replay

2022-10-01 Mastery Lakshmi Meditation Video Replay

2022-09-17 Meditation into Quantum Spaciousness Video Replay

2022-09-03 Timeless Luminous Mastery

2022-08-20 Meditation on Timelessness

2022-08-13 Mastery Meditation Video Replay and Audio of Meditation Only

2022-07-23 Mastery Meditation Audio Replay

2022-07-09 Mastery Meditation Audio Replay and Video Replay

2022-06-25 Mastery Meditation Audio Replay

2022-06-04 Mastery Meditation Audio Replay

2022-05-21 Mastery Meditation Video Replay

2022-05-07 Mastery Meditation in the Sacred Kiva

2022-04-09 Mastery Meditation Audio

2022-03-19  Mastery Equinox Meditation Audio

2202-03-05  Mastery Meditation Audio  and  Video Short — 1st 11 minutes

2022-02-26  Mastery Meditation Audio

2022-02-12  Mastery Heart Meditation Audio

2022-01-23  Mastery Meditation Audio