Welcome to our library of recorded meditations, transmission, satsang aand special events!


Please note that you will find  free audio downloads on our Free Audio Downloads page.

We include here recordings from many of the Emanation of Presence gatherings from 2015 until now.

It’s worth noting that all of these recordings are spiritual or mystical and meditative in nature, yet  regardless of when they were recorded, they still carry a profound transmission of Grace. This transmission consists of frequency, luminosity and cosmic wisdom. It is received directly into your energetic field and may take time to integrate as it works into and through your system.

While the energy is integrating it may bring up areas of ‘pocketed off” awareness that have been stuck in your field as a result of overwhelming or traumatizing past experiences. This is how the transmission of light intelligence often works. Once these areas are revealed, we can then work with them to resolve and embrace the energies back into the clarified flow of our field, thus expanding and enriching our embodiment of pure conscious.