Meet Victoria

‘Victoria is a tuning fork tuned to the key of Oneness.”

Victoria is a powerful and engaging spiritual mentor who radiantly embodies the qualities of the Self-realized heart as pure emanation of presence. Her subtle yet impactful presence has been likened to a “tuning fork, tuned to the key of Oneness”.

She began her professional life as a ballet dancer in New York City, performing with several major companies. She moved on from this career in 1973 to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and has been immersed ever since as a life-long student and teacher of evolutionary transformation through continuously evolving forms of meditation, movement, spiritual inquiry and wisdom teachings.

She has lived into multiple careers; as a performer, ballet teacher, meditation teacher (TM initially before expanding to other forms) and yoga instructor – mother, businesswoman and information technologies consultant. And she found that each experience provided its own unique venue to engage in a full-on journey of Self-Discovery while ‘keeping it real’ and  ‘working in the world’. Since early 2000 her time and energies have been devoted exclusively to furthering personal and global awakening as a transformational teacher, coach and mentor.

An initiate in Vedic, Buddhist and western esoteric traditions, she has been ordained in both the Buddhist Monk and Interfaith Ministerial traditions. After many years of devoted practice, enlightening journeys to sacred sites, and the personal guidance of several awakened teachers, a time came when she ‘knew’ that what she had learned and been taught while gratefully received and absolutely critical, could take her no further.

“I found myself imploring to the divine — what is it that I now truly know? As I delved deeply into the depths of my soul, a doorway opened and a world of beliefs and concepts began to coalesce into a new expression of direct perception. Awareness was jettisoned beyond what can be learned or taught through the mind; onto the field of the unfathomable intelligence and immeasurable love that is known as our True Nature. I knew it had been there all along, simply waiting for me to allow it to be recognized.

This is the Truth that resides at the core of each and every one of us—beckoning us to re-discover our own God Self—the essence of divinity that is the source of everything. This is what the beloved teachers and practices of all of the great traditions are pointing us towards. The teachings are essential steps, but ultimately our own soul is the true master, our pure essence, the true freedom.”

Now a sought-after Transformational Mentor, Victoria specializes in guiding others to find within themselves, their innate cosmic wisdom and expanded consciousness as the quantum field—what we know as our True Nature.

The classes, meditations, private sessions and retreats she offers are delivered with a luminous grace, depth of awareness and lightness of presence. Her passion and goal is to share the practical, yet profound, mystical/spiritual wisdom she has realized throughout this lifetime, with as broad an audience as possible in support of the current planetary ascension in consciousness.

And her journey continues. Victoria is currently fueling her passion for living and teaching Conscious Embodiment, through engaging with the brilliant body of work that Dr Sue Morter is bringing forth. See The Energy Codes for more on this exciting new phase of her journey.

For a sample of her meditations and conversations, visit our Free Downloads Page.


                         “Enlightenment is a poised emanation of presence”                  ~Leslie Temple-Thurston