Meet Victoria

‘Victoria is a tuning fork tuned to the key of Oneness.”

Victoria More is a spiritual teacher, mentor and certified Energy Codes coach and facilitator. She has been likened to “a tuning fork, tuned to the key of Oneness”, as her passion for fully embodied, awakened consciousness transmits a visceral experience of presence, both in person and online.

Her professional life began early as a ballet dancer performing with the NYC Opera, NYC Ballet, and the Joffrey Ballet companies. In 1973, she left her performing career to become a Transcendental Meditation Teacher, and has been immersed ever since in the study and practices of personal transformation through ever evolving forms of meditation, yoga, non-duality and perennial wisdom teachings.

Versed in both eastern and western esoteric traditions; Vedanta, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Jungian influenced Non-duality teachings (Marriage of Spirit), and has been ordained in both the Buddhist tradition and as an Interfaith Minister.

Her background spans multiple careers; ballet dancer, ballet teacher, meditation and yoga instructor, mother, businesswoman who directed a successful start-up toy company and an information technologies consultant specializing in development and project management for 15 years, with Fortune 500 and 1,000 companies.

She left the corporate world in early 2000 to devote her time and energies to furthering personal and global transformation. She served as Director of the CoreLight Enlightenment Studies & Enhanced Self-Discovery programs from 2005 to 2015, supporting an international student body, training to become teachers and coaches. Since 2015, she has offered yoga and meditation training, private mentoring and spiritual retreats through Emanation of Presence. As a sought-after teacher of Self-discovery, Victoria specializes in guiding others to find their own innate wisdom and access to greater self-realization within.

Her life-long dedication to dance and other movement modalities combined with decades of meditation and Self Discovery, culminated in what she shares as conscious embodiment. Her current work with the brilliant body of work that Dr Sue Morter is bringing to the world with The Energy Codes is a natural extension of this passion. She feels that a ‘breath in the body’ approach to self-actualization is at this time, the most important inner work that people of all ages and at all levels of society can benefit from. Her goal is to share the practical, yet profound, transformational teachings she embodies and models, with as broad an audience as possible to support the evolving landscape in awareness that humanity is currently witnessing.

She is also passionate about Africa and the many projects in which she has participated in rural South Africa. her beloved second home, for many years. In 2000, she and her mentor/colleague Leslie Temple-Thurston co-founded Seeds of Light, a South African NPO that provides support and services to rural marginalized communities. Her love of the African people, vibrant landscape, wildlife, and sublime earthy presence of Mother Africa, is a source of profound inspiration, solace, and compassionate expression that has richly enhanced her life.

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“Enlightenment is a poised emanation of presence”                  ~Leslie Temple-Thurston