Embracing an Unprecedented Download of Light

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Our planet moved has just into an entirely new and much higher vibratory frequency over the last Solstice window. It’s not simply a single download of light to receive and incorporate, but an entirely new frequency we’ve moved into that is here to stay … at least until the next wave hits.

The frequency of our planet’s etheric presence is different —much more light and greater cosmic wisdom is available — and everything is much more intense. Intensity is neither bad nor good; it simply amplifies that qualities and experiences of what is “here” now.

What took place at the last solstice was an “Obliteration Point” as described by my friend Transformational Seer, Nalini MacNab. That means that the energetic underpinnings of all of the structures in consciousness that we have known and loved for a long time have been dissolved in order to allow for the birth of new structures that are aligned with these new frequencies. Structures in consciousness include constructs, belief systems and energetic patterns, etc. — the organizing principles that drive the dynamics of our relationships or interactions with each other, our planet, and all of life.

This is a new timeline that has been predicted for humanity by many traditions and the frequencies will continue to amplify dramatically over the coming years.

We can choose to practice the art of embracing this download with fearlessness, discernment and surrender.

The first step is to say to spirit “Yes, I’m ready to accept this new frequency”.

The second step is to invite the body to fully open to the new frequencies all the way down to the cellular & sub-atomic levels where we become a field of grateful welcoming.

Get curious about any resistance you might find inside to being able to welcome, embrace and embody this new consciousness. If somewhere inside you find say “I’m not ready” or “I’m not worthy”… DON’T LISTEN.

If you’re here on the planet now, you have already made the choice and are meant to be here to embrace and embody these frequencies – this is all the proof you need. You absolutely deserve to live a high frequency life.

This energetic amplification is affecting everybody and everything on the planet. So there is a lot of “stuff” hitting the fan. It is disclosing much about the collective shadow that is ready for resolution. This is happening both globally and personally.

Alert: This can be overwhelming.

The amount of light now is going to flush up or “disclose” to you your own programming, most of which was simply designed as coping mechanisms for an old reality. However, the energies make it very easy to let go of these, when we realize that they no longer serve us.

This is an invitation to a complete and total reset if you’re up for it.

Some suggestions:

  • Take periodic “time outs” during the day to simply sit and breath. Allow yourself to be consciously available to the energies and welcome these amplified frequencies of the universal energy of Love to penetrate all levels of your field
  • Know that your body is recalibrating to these new frequencies so you may need some extra sleep, either at night or during the day.
  • You need to keep hydrated and eat as consciously as possible. Put your body in or under water as much as you can as well
  • Beginner’s mind is the best mindset for meeting a whole new playing field.

Clarification: On the topic of processing. It is not something that is totally outdated, but we do have options for discovering new ways to approach the clearing and resolution work in this new now … something we will definitely address on our next call.

Finally: No matter what your experience is — be happy knowing that you are giving the Divine exactly what she/he wants — a fascinating good time!

And here is a link for you to download a short 15-minute meditation to support opening to receive and embrace the unprecedented high-frequency etheric presence on the planet in this new now.

I love you all more than I can ever say.


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  1. So grateful for these teachings and for this transmission. Everything does feel intense and very delicious when practicing surrender. Much love, Lana

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