We offer a variety of live-stream and teleconference satsang, expanded guided meditations, group dialogue and other classes on mystical, spiritual and practical topics, offered as relevant to the current energies. Please see Upcoming Events below for details.

We have an extensive library of audio recordings from selected calls Victoria has given over the past years and will soon include live-stream video replays going forward. Please see Audio Downloads for the full list of available recordings by category.

Victoria has been trained and certified as an Energy Codes Coach and is now offering private and small group coaching using these principles and practices. Please see The Energy Codes for details about her coaching offers and to schedule a session.

She is continuing to offer her one-on-one mentoring sessions of one hour or ninety minutes in length and are tailored to your specific needs. For details or to schedule a session, please see Mentoring Sessions.

We had several retreats planned for 2020 and 2021, however the world-wide pandemic has put them on pause. These include both virtual and in-person domestic retreats in the US and international sacred journeys to South Africa and Egypt. Please check back as further information will be forthcoming at Retreats below.

All gathering, be they live-streams, teleconferences, mentoring sessions, retreats, or repays are calibrated to support each participant in finding the Essence of Truth that resides within each one of us and is waiting to be realized. What is learned or taught is necessary and helpful as a guide to point the way, but what is truly embodied is in the end, what matters.