Audio Downloads

Please note that you will now find all free audio downloads on our Free Audio Downloads page.

Welcome to our library of audio recordings!

We include here recordings from many of the Emanation of Presence gatherings.

It’s worth noting that all of these recordings are mystical in nature and regardless of when they were recorded, they each still carry a profound transmission. A transmission consists of light, energy, intelligence, power. A transmission is received into your energy field and may take time to integrate as it works through and into your system.

While the energy is integrating it may purge lower vibrations out. This is how the light intelligence works. The discussions on the calls help further our understanding of this mysterious and wonderful process, and how best to work with it.

The audio downloads are sorted by category for your convenience. While all the calls will include a little bit of everything, as is Victoria’s way, we have sorted the calls by what is most prominent for each one.