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Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth” or simply, “being with truth”. Truth is what is real, what exists. So (in truth) all there is … is Truth. And Truth is experienced most directly through the heart.

A profound emanation of presence (the vibration of Truth) is called forth when we come together in the spirit of Satsang. Grace invites us to open our hearts and quiet our minds so that we are available to experience the profound peace of our own True Nature at the very core of our Being. The flow of light, energy and information that comes through is a direct result of our collective field – the transmission a response to the facet of Truth that is most perfect for the moment. This is powerful and profound … yet is generally quite lively and fun as well!

Victoria is probably best known and loved for her unique and powerful guidance into conscious embodiment during her Meditations. Each time she pushes the envelope of what’s possible with expanded awareness and each time the participants find greater access to their inner resources. It is her heart and humility that draws you in, but it is the pure emanation of presence and mystical prowess that catapults your awareness. You may even be oblivious to the intensity on the conscious level, but afterwards, you will realize a lot more occurred than you had imagined possible.

Please note that all times listed are US Pacific timezone.