Mentoring Sessions

Victoria’s skill as a mentor lies in her ability to hold a field of unconditional love that supports your capacity to find the answers that are waiting to be revealed from within. She brings a calm, meditative presence along with an intuitive grasp of what line of inquiry or dialogue would most support your own healing and Self-discovery as she subtly points you in that direction.

As Victoria has spent several decades immersed in decoding and resolving the intricacies of duality, by now she herself embodies a state of wholeness in which it’s almost as if one need only bring their polarized issues into awareness in her presence and they are available to be embraced and integrated “on the spot”. She gracefully moves between multiple healing/clearing modalities to call forth what approach will best serve the next step in your healing and awakening journey.

She can quickly bring you up to speed on the ins and outs of polarity to help you get out of the spin of duality, and into your true alignment in the core. You may need emotional clearing by Releasing Frozen Children to effectively resolve the cellular debris and its emotional charge, brought on by early childhood overwhelming or traumatic experiences. Or she might see that using the principles and practices of The Energy Codes to work directly with the ‘pocketed off’ or ‘stuck ‘ energy that lies beneath a situation you are facing, is what your essence is calling for.

In all sessions, Victoria’s clarity, wisdom and loving presence invite you to engage in non-judgmental curiosity about your foibles, with compassionate self-love for your own innocence. This heart-centered approach creates a powerful energetic dynamic that can bring true and lasting resolution to even the most long-standing and pervasive issues.

Each session is recorded and you will receive an audio copy to work with afterwards.

Individual Sessions

60 Minute Private Sessions — $150.00

90 Minute Private Sessions — $225.00


“Sven and I sat down the other day and listened to the replay of his “Frozen Child” session with you Victoria. May I say how grateful I feel that the two of you connected so beautifully for this work. Your skills, connection with the Archangelic realm, and pure presence in the session brought tears to us both — as well as the work Sven did.  I think a linchpin for him was certainly discovered here.   I just felt to connect and share my gratitude and love for you and the amazing presence you hold on this planet… and at the moment, quite a presence in our household and hearts! May you be blessed a thousand fold for all the work you do.”
— Susan Gash, Spiritual Healer

“Victoria creates a powerful field for quantum transformation. I have had numerous one on ones with her where she has helped me heal some very deeply buried wounding. She magically realigns me if I have lost my centre and reminds me of my inner power. Sessions with her always leave me feeling a calm sense of self-acceptance and okayness about my life. Victoria is an ancient Oak, against which I can faithfully lean my back. My alignment to my source self has been immensely strengthened over the years of working with her. She has also helped me deepen and enrich substantially my experience of meditation and love for stillness. I am immensely grateful to her and it is a genuine honour to be a part of her life.”
— Dominique Koubovec, UK Student and Colleague

“I am so grateful to have had several sessions with Victoria. She works with great love, intuition and wisdom. She holds a space of security, safety, love, awareness and allowance. I love her sweet, sensitive ability to understand how I feel and support me in finding the right words to help me release the residue of traumatic experiences.  With the frozen child technique, I am able to get to the root of a life-long pattern to totally transform how I feel and respond to life. With each session I’ve built more strength, more love and more self-understanding. My heart is lighter and more joyful. I have a more intimate relationship with my own heart, and when issues come up I am now able to stop and listen more easily.”
— Pauline A. Paris, France