We have offered several in-person Sacred Journeys and virtual retreats during the past 5 years. These retreats were held in the US, Europe, South Africa and Egypt. Please check back as information about new retreats will be forthcoming — once we are all able to travel again safely. Our virtual retreats are always available as recordings afterwards if you’ve missed them and would like to “attend” in your own time.

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“Over the years, I have attended many events held by Victoria and have always felt a strong grounding and heart opening each time. A rare combination of being fully present in the world and opening to the divine within.
Yet it was during a recent retreat that I had the most profound personal experience that continued to unveil itself to me for days even weeks later. Victoria has such an empowered way of holding space and I know this is truly what facilitated my experience. I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life and that my path has crossed hers.”                     ~ Johanne E, Canada