On Elephants, Whales and Stewarding Magnetic Ley-lines

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And the Perfection of it All

6 November 2019

Eternity dropped an interesting tidbit into my awareness the other morning. I was in a situation where I was a captive audience to what turned out to be a lovely underwater video of a mother whale and her young calf. Watching the graceful, fluid movements as they flowed in and around each other in perfectly synchronous choreography while listening to their sonic conversation, I was mesmerized by the beauty, power and presence.

Until a chord of sadness struck, as I was reminded of how rapidly we are losing their majestic watery blue home; how soon it could be all over for their species on this planet. The ways in which carelessly handled plastics and amplified oceanic acidification are robbing the seas of their life-giving capacities. And significantly what that would actually mean for a world that currently has no clue about how their magnetic navigational trajectories actually hold consciousness for this planet.

The whales of the sea and the elephants on the land share something besides their obviously well-endowed proportions. Both of these magnificent species follow cosmically defined magnetic navigational patterns that have for time immemorial serve not only their own social and survival activities, but even more significantly for us, are simultaneously stabilizing consciousness for the planet.

I remember seeing the mystical truth of this with the elephants here in Africa some years ago, when my mentor pointed it out to me. These great noble beings traverse ancient, magnetically charged pathways where their deeply resonant fields empower the ley-lines they walk upon to create stability for not only the world’s largest Continent, but for the entire planet. Over the past several hundred years, as their established routes have been cut off by humans claiming the land for themselves, access to the ley-lines has been significantly diminished.

Elephants are sometimes referred to as the whales of the land, and similarly the whales, as the elephant of the ocean. And both are suffering the same fate when it comes to the ability to continue their navigational stewardship of planetary stability. Access to their vast spacious territories of old — to their dreamtime ley-lines (similar to indigenous song lines) on land and sea is diminishing at a rapid pace.

However — and this was what Spirit brought into my awareness quite clearly — there is indeed a perfection to this situation. Because it is time for another species to assume this role … and yes,  that would be us! Humanity in the state that we are now awakening to, is fully capable of taking on this energetic mantle. It will be up to each of us in our way to hold the magnetic frequency that creates stability for all beings living on and within this planet.

While the assurance that this would soon be humanity’s role was quite clear, I was only given a glimpse of what that might look like. It was an image of a delicate grid of “adamantine” brilliance that held more than enough strength to replace the grid lines that have been maintained by the whales and elephants for eons past. They are longer to be tasked with that level of stewardship … it is our turn now.

And I know from first-hand experience that we are more than prepared to move into this level of planetary energetic stewardship. Our capacity to bring the energy of universal cosmic love from the outer reaches of our subtle fields and from the highest frequency of our divine heritage into full conscious embodiment, is one way of describing what it will take. We will then be able to navigate and emanate the frequencies of light in and through our bodies as the new grid-lines, new song-lines. This ability resides within our DNA as is our multi-dimensional reach.

Of course, this absolutely requires that we grow up rather quickly beyond our extended adolescence, to finally attain species level adulthood, or Spiritual Maturity. We are clearly wired for this and the planet is being inundated with enough cosmic, wisdom-encoded light and new more advanced energetic technologies to open each of us up to our true capacities. There is definitely a perfection to it all — even in our childishly careless treatment of the land and seas. We have in many ways created our own state of “force majeure” that is absolutely forcing us to evolve … and quickly.

This just might be the way we planned it. Who knows?  What I do know beyond the shadow of a doubt is that we can do this, and perhaps — I’m hopeful —we even will.

I have to add that a planet devoid of elephants and whales is not one that I can even imagine, nor look forward to. And I don’t believe for a moment that this is inevitable!

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  1. I had to look that one up! 😉 Definition of adamantine

    1 : made of or having the quality of adamant
    2 : rigidly firm : unyielding adamantine discipline
    3 : resembling the diamond in hardness or luster

  2. We must create the world that allows us all to co-exist in harmony. Humans being an interruption of the harmonious frequency means we are tasked, as you say, with working to integrate and make correction of our disruption. This writing made me truly see a vision of how it can be and I feel more replenished to go forward with “spiritual maturity.” (great concept for development). Thanks!

  3. I have just healed a ley line in Western Australia & it looks like I have more to do at this stage. After being “told” to go to a certain spot & sit on a rock that sweeps into the ocean. The moment I sat down my left ear buzzed crazy. At that stage I really didn’t know what was happening but after I got home ley lines & grids for whales entered my head. Doing some reseach & came across this site.
    Funny enough I have been called to go to Africa since I was five & now am sixty three & as an adult have done four trips. Maybe I was healing elephant ley lines & didn’t even know. I do know I’m a high vibrational ancient being & my special gifts are now coming in. So do I resonate ? YES !!

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      Dear Nalini,
      I’ll never forget our time with a group of over 100 ellies of all ages and sizes … and the vibrations of their rumbling … what a gift we were given!!!! xoxo

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