Intuitive Guidance and an Open Heart are Our Only Options Now

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Intuitive Guidance and an Open Heart are our Best Options Now …
So, let’s fully embrace them both.

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that nothing is as it was, and our lives will never be the same. The concept of a “status quo” has been obliterated beyond all recognition, and with it has gone the illusion of what was once considered “security”. And this is actually really, truly, quite exciting.

Except of course, it doesn’t necessarily always feel all that exciting. Responses can run the gamut from the vibration of devastating loss crashing through your field like one big cosmic sucker punch, to a faint tinge of poignancy or nostalgia for what once was … and everything in between. They all come with the territory. All the calls offered this month are geared towards supporting this transition.

“The truth is that this kind of reality adjustment and security-busting has always been
an important step in awakening to the Truth of our Being.”

The truth is that this kind of reality adjustment and security-busting has always been an important step in the journey of awakening to the Truth of our Being. It is the invitation to make peace with living in the great  “I don’t know”.

This is the point where we are asked to give up the illusion of needing to control outcomes with the combined force of our powerful intellect and personal will, to rely instead upon our intuitive wisdom, and an open heart. That’s about all we can depend on. Where do we source this intuitive guidance? How do we fully open our heart?

We discover both in a dynamic dance with creation — a relationship of trust and Oneness with the Universe as we surrender to our very own divine nature.

“Welcome to 4th dimensional reality, closing in
quickly on the 5th & 6th!”

Welcome to 4th dimensional reality, closing in quickly on the 5th and 6th. The difference now is that all of the elements that contribute to our experience as an embodied soul on earth — from the cosmic frequencies through which our continuously evolving planet is now traversing, down to every single cell or fractal of life force in what we are, or what we see and interact with — have conspired to deliver this break-through opportunity to all of us. No one excluded.

This means that everybody and everything on the entire planetary collective is affected — ready or not — with of course, wildly variant reactions. If you are reading this email, and have made it this far, you are certainly more that ready. The really good news is that we each get to choose how we want to play this hand.

“This is where our co-creative capacities are being pinged
into actionby the great cosmic spiral of life. “

This is where our co-creative capacities are being pinged into action by the great cosmic spiral of life. This is where we actually determine how we wish to respond or react to the events of our current world. At what frequency do we want to participate? How do we choose to navigate the energies and events? It is our choice to make now. The same energy that has wreaked havoc on the status quo can be harnessed to empower our choices.

At this point, our best (perhaps only) option is to follow our intuitive knowing/wisdom/guidance and meet everything and everyone from an open heart.

What we are going through now as a collective has always been a powerful stage on an individual’s evolutionary journey, and meeting it head-first has become a necessity, due to the global implications. Definitely cosmic motivation.

These are themes that we’ll all be working with for awhile I suspect. All offerings this month are in support of your attunement with embracing the unknown and a continuing expansion of living from the Great Heart.

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  1. Wonderfully put,

    I want to share an example….you speak about intuition, and listening to my intuition I had to go against the wants of my students, and be true to myself. I knew this would cause stress and fear in me and rejection in them, and yet my intuition said from the heart yet firm say your truth….. at first people quit and did not want to return to work with me…., if it was not their way. I had asked the universe to send me the people that really I am meant to work with. Well and after reconsideration the ones that really realzied the loss of something worth their while was more important then their ego and what they wanted, instead of what I could give at this point. I felt so excited to stand my ground from the heart and feel the process everybody went through. It was as if the universe send out this game we had to play for there to be an evolution possible. Thank you so much for all you do all my love from Argentina

    1. Post

      Dear Theresa,
      Beautiful example of the power of standing firm in your authenticity as you’ve surrendered to your guidance … wonderful!
      All love,

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