03/28/24 — 05/23/24 Activate the Circuitry for Coherence; For Energy Codes Book Study Grads


Alternate Thursdays at 2:00pm Pacific 03/28 — 05/23 2024

Activate the Circuitry for Coherence is a bi-monthly series for graduates of The Energy Codes Book Study Series who are ready to dive in even deeper to implement and incorporate what was learned in the first series. To infuse our daily lives with the greater vitality and joy that the Energy Codes offer. This opportunity to stay in the conversation supports our ability to fully engage in realizing the “Quantum Flip” and radically embody our essential nature! Series began on August 3rd 2023 and new participants join on March 28th 2024.

I guarantee that the deeper we dive in with these practices & principles to further our experience of  embodiment as the path of awakening, the more we rock our world in the best possible way!

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