04/14 thru 04/18 — Finding Sanctuary Within; a Virtual Retreat (Discounted)


You are invited to join Victoria on Tuesday April 14th thru Saturday April 18th for a 4-day Virtual Retreat. Following a schedule similar to what we do for an in-person retreat, we’ll connect using Zoom video format for all sessions.

An invitation to take advantage of this extraordinary time when the entire globe is briefly on pause, as an opportunity to immerse in the timeless wisdom and luminosity of your deeper self, held within a nurturing and supportive energetic field, in coherence with a small group of dedicated souls who are also ready to dive fully into their next level of consciously embodied awareness.

Thia is an opportunities to work more closely with me as we take advantage of the beautiful frequencies of the seasonal field of rebirth and resurrection to uplift and catalyze your awakening into the Sacred Heart … All from the comfort of your own home.

Click here for full schedule and retreat details.