Pivot to Wholeness Replay — A Virgo Birthday Gift


An Energetic Conversation, Transmission and Meditation

A birthday gift from me to you.

On Sunday, July 25th we gathered to explore the ‘pivot’, or radical shifts in awareness that have come about as the gifts of our recent global experience of an unexpected ‘time-out’.

Our species was surely due for some sort of pattern disruption or course correction, which is precisely what we’ve just received. So we took time to deeply ponder, and ask how does this play out in my life?

Everybody has been affected in powerful ways. And we have the opportunity at this moment to consider and discover the gifts of our own experience—whatever that may be—and hold them in the light of its highest expression possible. To then fully receive what it was always meant to be, the perfect springboard for our greater awakening.

Enjoy this replay of re-connection in a powerful energetic, meditative and transformational global gathering.