Are you Ready to Actualize Oneness? Get the Replays Now!


The Key Is Embodiment & Now is the Time! 

Join me for the recordings of our FREE Zoom meeting to find out how the Alchemy of Body, Breath and Awareness will powerfully catapult you into living the field of Oneness. This approach to awakening into your higher Truth is truly what our entire circumstance at this time on the planet, is calling forth.

The time for you to effortlessly and seamlessly carve an authentic path to actualize as Unity Consciousness is finally at hand. Gaia’s vibration continues to ascend and the result is a grand fusion of chaos and creativity in equal measure. A perfect storm to encourage your Soul’s ability to fully anchor and embody. If you so choose.

I share what I have discovered from a lifetime of devoted spiritual practice with an emphasis on the body’s role in awakening our highest consciousness. As the means to fully embody as the Unified Field in constant creation. We came here fully equipped with all that we need to reveal this Truth.

This is the moment to decide to take full advantage of this unanticipated extended pause. To begin living into the life of your highest dreams. To shine as the brilliance of a thousand suns.

I look forward to sharing with you the Saturday, September 4th audio and video replays of a powerful meditation and a rousing discussion to inspire and support your next steps on this wild and woolly journey of wonder and awe, exquisite grace and true fulfillment!

Recorded on 4th September 2021