Spiraling Back on the Basics; Spiritual Etiquette & Other Essentials


Join us for Module Six in a new series to re-visit the fundamentals of awakening to enlightened consciousness while living and working in a world in major transition.

During this final Module in this series we will delve into our two next foundational theme — Selfless Service — and why it is so critical to our journey. You can do all the “right things” — meditate daily, process all your triggers, journal, movement practices, prayer, etc etc — but without the magical ingredient of true selfless giving (service to others) you are bound to hit at some point, an impenetrable road block on your journey to Actualize Oneness.

During the 2nd call this month we will look at Spiritual Etiquette and  humility, purity and authenticity — qualities that naturally result from awakening consciousness and to be honored in ourselves and others.

Of course, this is if you are serious about awakening in this life time.

Calls were recorded on January 16 and 25, 2020