Meditating with Modimole at the Nexus of Form and Formlessness — Audio Recording


You are invited to join me for our final experience (for a few months) in a series of monthly Meditation /Transmissions to Immerse in the amplified frequencies of Causal Awareness.

A powerful ultra-dimensional vortex exists at the foot of the sacred mountain Modimole, located in the depths of the Blyde River Canyon. These frequencies amplify and make accessible the finely tuned energies of the causal plane — here at the Nexus of Form and Formlessness.

This offering is a powerful meditation and Satsang with a group of rapidly evolving souls who are electronically gathered at the foot of a sacred mountain in an amplified field of causal awareness. And one for anybody who is ready to make a major shift into greater multi-dimensionality and awakened consciousness.

Recorded on 18 January, 2020


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