01/01/22 thru 03/31/22 — Living Luminous Possibility ’22; Tier Two


An Invitation to Dive Deeper Still Into Your Capacity to Manifest a Life of Luminous Possibility

An enhanced continuation of the work that we’ve  begun with our previous Conscious Embodiment series. This offering is a gift from my heart and a bit of a ‘dare’ as well.

  • Are you ready to radically & continually up-level your awakening?
  • Continue to explore the Alchemy of Body, Breath & Awareness?

If there is a Yes to either of these questions, then let’s get going! This series is for those who have graduated from Conscious Embodiment Series II and ready to live in states of grace beyond what you ever believed was possible.

Investment$375 Tier Two full payment, or 3 payments of $125 per month,